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Update History for VEGAS Pro 16

Compatible with: VEGAS Pro 16, VEGAS Edit 16 & VEGAS Pro 16 Suite

  • VEGAS Edit 16, VEGAS Pro 16 and VEGAS Pro 16 Suite (includes VEGAS Effects & VEGAS Image), all use the same identical version of VEGAS Pro, which means all the build version updates listed below, will be compatible with the version of VEGAS Pro 16 you own.
  • To find which build version of Vegas Pro you currently have installed, open VEGAS Pro and go to Help/About.

How to Download Vegas Pro 16?

You can download the latest build version for Vegas Pro, two different ways:

  1. Go to the MAGIX Download Center and enter your Serial Number.
  2. Use one of the Download Manager/Installers for the version of Vegas you own - this will also install any extras that come with your version of VEGAS.

VEGAS Download Managers

Select a download manager link and a new page will open for you:
Vegas Edit 16 Download Manager
Vegas Pro 16 Download Manager
Vegas Pro 16 Suite Download Manager

Direct Download links for Latest and Older Build Versions

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge users, please note!

Pressing direct download links will not work if using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, due to new security protocols.
You must right-click and select Save Link As. If a pop-up warning asks to Discard the file, press arrow and select Keep.
These are official MAGIX/VEGAS download links and are safe to download!

Vegas Pro 16 (build #424) - Update 5

New Features

  • Variable Frame Rate files are now identified as VFR in Media properties, the Explorer window summary information, the Project Media window Details view, and the Project Media window media summary information
  • In cases where the user attempts to run the Copy Motion Track to PinP script without first applying the Picture-in-Picture plug-in to the target event, a dialog box provides instructions on how to properly make the feature work
  • A preference now enables you to choose between prioritizing audio/video synchronization or optimal file preview when working with Variable Frame Rate video media
  • Added logic to revert the video stabilization plug-in to Fast mode in certain rare cases where we can detect that it will return superior results over Accurate mode
  • You can now enter a value into the Smoothing text box on the Video Stabilization plug-in to achieve smoothing values far greater than 10
  • Support for HEVC 10-bit BT.2020 and BT.709 files
  • A new preference enables the user to disable auto detection for 360° files

Bug Fixes

  • Dual Fisheye stitching custom presets now properly persist
  • Quality improvements have been made to the 360 Video Stabilization plug-in
  • The LUT filter and other plug-ins that had been lost in Update 4 once again open properly
  • The Color Curves OFX plug-in is properly applied during project playback or render
  • The end of events added to the timeline after setting an out point with hover scrub in the Project Media window and then adding the file to the timeline are now properly quantized
  • Improved the drawing stability and performance of Project Media thumbnails
  • The Picture-in-Picture and Crop plug-ins properly position media when GPU acceleration of video processing is turned off
  • VEGAS can properly read 360° files that have been rendered from VEGAS with file size over 4GB
  • Files saved from Instagram live are now more efficiently handled with better synchronization
  • The LUT and Auto Looks filters now properly release GPU memory and texture resources thus plugging a resource leak that could lead to instability in the application
  • The Video Stabilization plug-in now works better with certain older graphics cards
  • Animation keyframes can be properly deleted from the Solid Color media generator
  • Black artifacts have been eliminated when using Rec 2020 1000 nits IDT on HDR10 media
  • The 360° Stabilization plug-in now properly respects the GPU acceleration setting
  • Eliminated an issue where in some cases adjustments made to parameter controls on OFX plug-ins were applied to the wrong keyframe 
  • No longer crashing upon first start when the Hitfilm Ignite Color Cine and other HitFilm plug-ins are installed
  • An animation problem with the Color Curves plug-in has been resolved
  • The Pixel aspect ratio drop-down list once again works properly for the MAGIX AVC/AAC MP4 format when rendering
  • SD aspect ratios are once again available in media properties
  • HDR file rendered from VEGAS Pro now play much more efficiently when added back to another VEGAS Pro timeline
  • Reordering generated media events in the storyboard is now properly handled on the timeline
  • Reordering media generator thumbnails in the Main Timeline storyboard no longer leads to a crash
  • Video stabilization now works properly with 4K MP4 AVC footage from the DJI Mavic Pro drone
  • Reordering generated media in the storyboard no longer causes the associated timeline events to disappear
  • Adding a large number of files to the Main Timeline storyboard no longer crashes
  • Adding media to the Main Timeline storyboard now honors the Automatically overlap multiple selected media when added preference
  • The Main Timeline storyboard is now properly updated when you replace one media file with a new one through the context menu
  • Events across multiple tracks are now properly ordered on the timeline when reordered in the Main Timeline storyboard
  • Applying video stabilization to a still-image file no longer affects the application negatively
  • Animating still images with pre Event Pan/Crop video effects applied to them now operates with expected stability
  • All fonts are now properly recognized by the Text and Titles media generator
  • Projects are no longer set to 360 projects if you cancel out of the Project Properties dialog box after selecting the 360 Output checkbox
  • Missing 360° plug-ins are once again available
  • The Restore function for auto save now works properly


Vegas Pro 16 (build #361) - Update 4

Bug fixes

  • Crash that can happen when OpenColorIO library is not installed properly is now prevented
  • Incorrect values in metadata for HDR renders has been corrected
  • Improved handling of hardware dependent video plugins when GPU does not initialize properly
  • Likelihood of crash when resizing thumbnails in Project Media window has been reduced
  • Improved performance of thumbnail drawing within the project media window
  • Problem with some valid video plugins not appearing in the plugin chooser has been resolved
  • Crash when launching on a 2 GPU system when with one GPU disabled has been fixed
  • Smoothing parameter is now available in the basic mode of the Video Stabilization plugin
  • Crash when updating a grouped track that is not visible has been fixed
  • Crash when reading certain MP4 files is now prevented
  • Disabled some JDR project properties for non-HDR projects
  • Disabled HDR preview preference for 8 bit projects
  • Crash that may occur if the timeline ruler and speed controls are not visible as been resolved
  • Crash they may occur when beginning a render of building peaks or other similar tasks has been resolved


Vegas Pro 16 (build #352) - Update 3

New features

  • In addition to manual refresh to keep the storyboard in sync with the timeline, an automatic refresh option has been added so the storyboard refreshes after each timeline edit
  • An update notification feature has been added in order to keep in better touch with users when new product updates and fixes are available
  • DX12 based HDR external preview support
  • The video stabilization plug-in now has three modes for use depending upon the level of control desired ranging from basic mode with simple one-click operation, to expert mode with a powerful set of optimization parameter controls
  • Automation for Video stabilization parameters enables you to make adjustments over time or to bypass stabilization during certain portions of a clip
  • HDR Mastering Display Metadata for rendering HDR10 content has been added to the Project Media window
  • A filter option in the Render As dialog box filters the render formats and templates down to just those are are 360° compatible when you've specified your project as a 360°in the Video tab of Project Properties
  • Mechanism is now in place to inform users when a new update of the software is available

Bug fixes

  • Inconsistencies when analyzing a video for stabilization with the Static setting selected have been resolved
  • Closing and reopening the Project Media window no longer disengages storyboard hover scrub, and no longer resets storyboard in/out points
  • Stabilization works properly when the video is contained on a track that has an audio track above it on the timeline
  • Using the Esc key while dragging an event properly cancels the move operation rather than clearing the storyboard and causing a crash upon reopening the Project Media window
  • The mouse wheel works properly with OFX plug-ins even when Scroll Inactive windows is enabled in Windows
  • This update correctly preserves the order of effects in video effect chains that were created in VEGAS Pro 15 or earlier which involve pre-Event Pan/Crop effects and post-composite track effects
  • Manually adjusting the Zoom slider properly disables the Auto-zoom checkbox 
  • Missing Aspect ratio options have been add back to the Properties dialog box
  • The Use Current Project Folder option has been fixed in the Advanced Save utility
  • Text boxes scroll correctly when Scroll inactive windows is enabled in Windows 10
  • Render template Frame Rate settings properly use a period or comma based on the language the application has been installed in
  • The Project Media window is no longer limited to showing just 100 thumbnails
  • Project Media thumbnails do not redraw when there are more than 49 shown and you move the mouse over them
  • Improved thumbnail reading in the Project Media window avoids crashing
  • Variable frame rate media plays back with properly synchronized audio
  • Fixed issue where improper thumbnail can appear for generated media in the Project Media window
  • Fixed issue where some MP4 files crashed the application when loaded into VEGAS
  • Audio Event FX window no longer remains open after deleting the track from which the audio effect is applied to
  • Issue when envelopes move in the wrong direction when using the CTRL key while dragging is fixed
  • Fixed crash when loading some plugins on startup


  • Checkerboard artifacts may be visible in HDR external preview when preview quality is set to "Best" with certain kinds of footage; please switch to "Good" quality in such scenarios; this does not affect the actual rendered output
  • Very bright yellows can blow out with the default ACES Rec.2020/1000 nits IDT; please use Levels FX to adjust the footage to work around that.


Vegas Pro 16 (build #307) - Update 2

New features

  • You can now set any preset of the Titles and Text media generator as the default for the Insert Subtitles from Files and Insert Subtitles from Regions functions
  • You can now create subtitles by importing SRT files with the Insert Subtitles from files feature
  • Video scopes can now be set to display the NITS scale for HDR work, including for 8-bit projects
  • VEGAS now warns you if no track has been armed for recording when you start recording and enables you to specify which existing track or tracks you want to record to, or to create a new track and record to that
  • Replacing media in the Main Storyboard timeline now updates the project timeline
  • The user now has the ability to "pin" another video event to a motion tracked event
  • Custom frame rates can now be set when encoding using AMD and VCE render templates in the MAGIX AVC/HEVC formats
  • The Main Timeline storyboard no longer automatically reacts to changes on the timeline. A Refresh Storyboard button has been added to the Project Media window when viewing a storyboard which enables you to manually match the storyboard to the timeline
  • A Red background for the Main Timeline storyboard alerts the user when the storyboard is out of sync with the project timeline and must be manually updated
  • A dialog box warns the user that the Main Timeline storyboard cannot be altered until it is updated to be in sync with the main timeline
  • A Red warning bar at the edge of storyboard thumbnails indicates when the timeline event is longer than the media it holds
  • You can now set in/out points in the storyboard for audio-only files
  • You can now set in/out points in the storyboard for still-image files
  • The Storyboard now properly recognizes L and J cuts and orders itself appropriately
  • Added support for time stretched/compressed events hover scrub in and out point trimming, and storyboard refresh
  • A new OFX plug-in enables you to add video stabilization to 360° video

Bug fixes

  • The Neat Video (and other temporal effects) now works properly when placed before Pan/Crop in an event FX chain
  • MTS files now render properly at 25p or lower framerates
  • The Internet HD 720p 29.97 fps (AMD VCE) template now yields the proper framerate
  • Reordering items in the storyboard no longer causes media in and out points to be reset
  • Audio recorded using Quicktime on a Macbook Air no longer get corrupted by so4compoundplug
  • The stabilization tool's Zoom parameter now properly persists through project save, close, and reload
  • The Render As dialog box no longer gets hidden off screen in a dual monitor set up which would cause the appearance of VEGAS freezing
  • Media in and out points are now properly honored when adding an unassociated storyboard bin to the timeline
  • The Insert Subtitles from File operation now properly recognizes commas in the subtitle text
  • The Add at Project Frame Rate operation now works properly when the media frame rate does not match the project frame rate
  • The audio meter context menu properly appears as expected again
  • The Scene Rotation plug-in has been optimized and should no longer cause occasional crashes at start up
  • The AutoSave function no longer triggers the creation of an unwanted duplicate storyboard which could occur in some cases
  • Crash has been resolved when using video stabilization and motion tracking with an AMD Phenom II card
  • Double-clicking Color Correction custom tab parameters now properly sets the parameters to their defaults
  • Overwriting files when rendering with AMD VCE templates now properly reports file size
  • Deleting storyboard placeholders no longer cause crashes as they did in certain instances
  • Replacing a generated placeholder with a clip no long crashes the application as was the case in certain scenarios
  • Moving generated media in the storyboard now follows expected behavior
  • External preview now works properly through Decklink cards in 32-bit projects
  • Fixed potential inconsistencies caused by replacing a generated placeholder with a video clip
  • Moving a generated media thumbnail to the end of the storyboard no longer causes an unwanted duplicate thumbnail
  • Sync Cursor to Media Timeline again works properly when user clicks on a keyframe in the FX automation section
  • Unwanted extra generated media thumbnails are no longer created in the storyboard when changing the order of thumbnails
  • Importing bins from one project into another no longer causes a crash
  • Importing media from one project into another now works properly
  • The BattleCompVintage VST and other plug-ins now work properly
  • 32-bit projects created in older versions of VEGAS now open properly as 32-bit in VEGAS Pro 16
  • Dragging a media generator to the Main Timeline Storyboard no longer causes a crash
  • The render destination folder is now used for temporary file creation during the render process to avoid inadvertently filling up the user's C: drive
  • Certain specific MOV files no longer cause a crash when stabilization is applied
  • Switching through presets no longer disables stabilization in any case
  • Event Pan/Crop animation now works properly on events that hold still images
  • Color samplers in the Parameters and Custom tabs of the Color Corrector OFX plug-in are now correct and consistent
  • Stabilization of video clips that contain zooms now works properly
  • The Auto Zoom option now works more exactly to eliminate black borders
  • Right Alt+z and Shift+Right Alt+z now properly give users of the Polish localized version ż and Ż
  • Color Curve channel behavior has been improved so that changing the channel on one changes only that one and no others, and new curves are always added with the default settings instead of the settings from the previous curve worked with
  • All files now retain Markers & Regions in Trimmer
  • Timeline performance problems caused by automatically updating the Main Timeline storyboard during a timeline edit have been resolved


Vegas Pro 16 (build #261) - Update 1

New features

  • You can now split tangents on the Bézier Masking OFX plug-in so you can create curved masks with perfect accuracy
  • You can now preview HDR using the 10-bit OpenGL pixel format
  • A new script enables users to create text that is "pinned" to a motion tracked object
  • An improved interface makes the stabilization plug-in more intuitive and easy to use
  • It is now possible to automatically create subtitles based upon named regions in your project

Bug fixes

  • A proper error message appears if the user attempts to insert subtitles from a file without actually choosing a valid file
  • All QuickStart window buttons are now active when the user opens a project that already has media on the timeline
  • Stabilization now more properly handles accurate mode
  • Stabilization now recognizes black initial frames and works properly regardless of a black frame's presence
  • The Live Save function no longer conflicts with Master fader operation
  • Crosshair interacts for position parameters in OFX plugins now works as intended
  • The Stabilization plug-in's avoid Black Borders option now works more effectively
  • Bézier Masking Edit Mode is now properly limited to only one mask at a time
  • When you copy an event that has Video FX on it, then paste event attributes onto an event of a different resolution, the target event's Pan/Crop settings are properly handled
  • HEVC files rendered through the MAGIX HEVC QSV encoder now play back more efficiently


Vegas Pro 16 (build #248) - release version

New features

  • Video stabilization has been completely redeveloped in house to provide far better stabilization results
  • Motion tracking enables the user to follow the motion of on-screen objects and apply video FX and filters to the moving area
  • Bezier Masking OFX plug-in provides complete flexibility in creating multiple masks with simple to complex shapes, apply masks to the media or video FX, and use a motion track to have the mask follow selected objects in the video
  • Project Media thumbnails now feature hover scrub so you can easily review media files without first adding them to the timeline or Trimmer
  • The user can mark in and out points on each clip in the Project Media window, then preview just the material between the two points and add just that material to the timeline
  • In and out points can be marked separately on the same media in different bins–especially important in the new storyboard bins
  • Project Media thumbnails can now be resized in order to see more detail in the thumbnail
  • You can now preview multiple files sequentially in the Project Media window (including the new storyboard bins) either by selecting no files (in which case they will all preview one after the other) or by selecting specific files (in which case, just those files will preview)
  • Significant workflow improvements have been added to the Project Media bin system in the Project Media window
  • You can now drag a project media bin (including the new Storyboard bins) to the timeline to add all of the contents of that bin sequentially to the timeline
  • More logically centralized tools for adding media to your project through the Project Media window
  • Quick Start dashboard provides quick access to major workflow operations
  • Added color swatches to the Device Preferences to provide a visual indication of the Interface Type preference
  • Tiny Planet OFX plug-in for creative treatment of regular and 360 footage
  • You can now easily add a missing audio or video stream back to your project automatically synchronized and grouped with its partner stream
  • A button has been added to the Render As dialog box to instantly set the render to location to match the project file location
  • Robust auto-save and backup options have been added so the user can specify how often they want their project saved or backups created
  • The user can generate automatic subtitle events on a new subtitle track from TXT and CSV files, including support for timecode in and out information in a CSV file so that the subtitles end up in the exact desired position
  • A new menu item allows the user to remove gaps between selected events
  • The user has an option to export HDR metadata in HEVC 32 bit projects which can then be ready by sites such as YouTube

Bug fixes

  • Multiple project media bin bugs have been resolved
  • Ctrl+Z and Ctrl+Y functionality has been restored in the tree view of the Project Media window
  • RAM usage is now managed properly and efficiently in complex projects
  • Double-clicking on a media generator thumbnail now properly adds the generator to the timeline
  • You can now properly directly access the context menu for Text parameter keyframes and keyframes properly receive focus in all click cases
  • A blank window no longer appears when the "Swap for" folder contains no compatible files
  • Non-functional Help button no longer appears in Edit Visible Button Set dialog box
  • VEGAS no longer crashes when a group track is removed via scripting
  • The Render As dialog has been refined so that it no longer shows incorrect options of some file formats
  • Export to Media Composer/Pro Tools AAF no longer fails when the video track contains a still image
  • Export to Davinci Resolve now delivers tracks in the proper order
  • The Video scopes now properly reflect ACES color-managed output
  • The Render As dialog no longer becomes hidden in certain circumstances
  • The Internet HD 720p 29.97 fps (AMD VCE) template for the MAGIX AVC/AAC MP4 file format now correctly renders at 29.97 fps as expected
  • For scripting, the ExpandTrackGroup method in the TrackGroup class no longer incorrectly collapses a group if it already expanded
  • The LUT filter and other OFX plug-ins now properly recognize special characters in folder names
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