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Update History for VEGAS Pro 17

Compatible with: VEGAS Pro 17, VEGAS Edit 17 & VEGAS Pro 17 Suite

  • VEGAS Edit 17, VEGAS Pro 17 and VEGAS Pro 17 Suite (which includes VEGAS Effects & VEGAS Image) all use the same identical version of VEGAS Pro, which means all the build version updates listed below, will be compatible with the version of VEGAS Pro 17 you own.
  • To find which build version of Vegas Pro you currently have installed, open VEGAS Pro and go to Help/About.

How to Download Vegas Pro 17?

You can download the latest build version for Vegas Pro, three different ways:

  1. Go to the MAGIX Download Center and enter your Serial Number.
  2. Use one of the Download Manager/Installers for the version of Vegas you own - this will also install any extras that come with your version of VEGAS.
  3. Use one of the direct build version links listed below.

VEGAS Download Managers

Select a download manager link and a new page will open for you:
Vegas Edit 17 Download Manager
Vegas Pro 17 Download Manager
Vegas Pro 17 Suite Download Manager

Direct Download links for Latest and Older Build Versions

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge users, please note!

Pressing direct download links will not work if using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, due to new security protocols.
You must right-click and select Save Link As. If a pop-up warning asks to Discard the file, press arrow and select Keep.
These are official MAGIX/VEGAS download links and are safe to download!

Vegas Pro 17 [Build #455 / Update 6]

Download links

Vegas Pro 17 (build #455) Update 6

Bug Fixes

  • Fix 5.1 Surround Sound AC-3 audio bug that would cause Vegas to crash when importing videos like .m2ts that contain 5.1 Audio streams. It would also stop existing projects from opening and cause a crash, if there was 5.1 Audio streams. This bug was caused by a Windows update.


Vegas Pro 17 [Build #452 / Update 5]

Bug Fixes

  • Warp Flow transition will now work properly for all CPUs
  • Slider value box in the color grading panel will work properly for all localized versions
  • Fixed problem where white balance did not work
  • Changes to color grading sliders will now be reflected on the color wheels
  • Fine movement of automation points on the timeline will now work correctly in all cases
  • Handling of HEVC media has been improved
  • Added additional options for the auto while balance feature to allow for results consistent with previous versions
  • Fixed crashes in the AMD decoder
  • Improved the preferences for hardware decoding to help simplify the user experience
  • eFX preset selection is now working properly
  • Fixed support for m4v and m4a files
  • Crash on launch which some users have experienced has been resolved
  • Selecting media in Project Media window will present correct file properties at all times
  • In MAGIX Intermediate render plugin, added support for 720x480 resolution with progressive and interlaced formats

VEGAS Image [Version 1.2 / Update 3]

This new version adds brush masks, the ability to move, rotate and resize multiple layers, a multi-point gradient effect, a light rays effect, a lens distortion effect, a halftone effect, raw de-noise, performance improvements, and the usual enhancements and fixes.


  • Added Brush Masks, which let you quickly paint masks onto layers or effects.
  • You can now move, rotate and resize multiple selected layers at once.
  • Add a “Multi-point Gradient” effect, in which you can create gradients using an unlimited amount of colored points.
  • Added a “Light Rays” effect, which uses bright spots to cast light rays in your scene.
  • RAW assets now have a bespoke denoise algorithm, which can remove defect pixels and larger noise patterns.  
  • Added a “Lens Distortion” effect, which can be used to perform lens-based adjustments, such as barrel/pincushion distortion or chromatic aberration.
  • Added a “Halftone” effect, which can produce a stylized newspaper print effect.
  • Added support for Chinese (Simplified) localization.


  • Changed the way the canvas resize dialog works to speed up initial asset importing.
  • Slightly improved the performance of our render engine.
  • The Black & White, Colorize Black & White, Saturation Editor, Linear Gradient, Radial Gradient, and Rotational Motion Blur effects are now significantly faster.
  • You can now change the mask overlay color in the settings menu.
  • Improved and fixed some issues with the blend-if controls.

Bug Fixes

  • Dragging a layer to the bottom of a closed group is now ordered correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where the layer’s opacity slider would behave incorrectly if clicked at the bottom of it.
  • Resetting a color mask now resets all of its properties correctly.
  • Resetting the transform of a text layer will no longer change the layer’s size to the size of the canvas.
  • Fixed instability when you dragged images onto the canvas from a web browser.
  • Locked layers can no longer be moved via multiple selection.
  • Resetting a vector mask now resets all of its properties correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where resetting a preset drop-down would reset the selected item as well.
  • Fixed an issue where a text layer’s size mode would not size to fixed when you resized them.
  • Fixed an issue where canceling the save of a project template could cause the application to get stuck.
  • Fixed instability when closing the application while the preview window is open.
  • Fixed issue with the Threshold effect not working correctly at 100% opacity.
  • Fixed issue with Long shadow rendering incorrectly when scaling the layer.

VEGAS Effects [Version 1.3 / Update 3]

This update focuses on bug fixes, fine-tuning the default options of the export process for a better user experience and improving the performance of hardware decoding on Windows systems.


  • The File >  Export option now defaults to exporting the entire contents of the timeline, rather than exporting the In/Out area.
  • The YouTube 1080p export preset now uses a Level of 5.1, for improved compatibility with older video players.

Bug Fixes

  • Improved stability of AMD and NVIDIA hardware decoding.
  • Improved compatibility with AAC media, so it imports correctly.
  • Improved compatibility with ProRes files, so the ProRes 4444 codec now imports correctly.
  • The performance and stability of FBX models in the software has been improved.
  • Motion blur now works correctly with FBX models.
  • Improved a rare stability issue involving deleting media from the Media panel.
  • Composite shots deleted in the Media panel no longer appear in the Viewer, or cause stability issues.
  • Canceling the render of a composite shot containing ambient occlusion no longer causes stability issues.
  • Using the mouse wheel to zoom the Viewer when the frame contains reflections no longer causes stability issues.
  • Editing the timeline location of keyframes on a parented layer no longer causes stability issues.
  • The Gamma handle on the Levels Histogram effect now displays correctly.
  • Exported files will no longer be removed from your hard drive without warning when the software is closed.
  • Changing the configuration of multiple displays no longer causes dialogs to open offscreen and be inaccessible.
  • Composite shots containing the Speed/Duration tool now render correctly.
  • Chromatic Aberration is now downsampling correctly.
  • When a user switches timelines, the scopes now update correctly to represent the contents of the current timeline.
  • Pre-rendering a composite shot now accurately includes all frames, without duplicates.
  • The font used in Parade Scopes now supports High DPI / Retina displays.


Vegas Pro 17 [Build #421 / Update 4]

New features

  • White Balance improvements
  • 5.7k render template now available for 360 projects
  • AMD decoding support for AVC and HEVC media

Bug Fixes

  • Color Grading panel now updates when a preset is selected
  • Problem with saving keyframe changes for some parameters is now resolved
  • Some white balance parameters are now no longer reset after project is reloaded
  • Fixed crash in Slow Motion plugin
  • Fixed issued where some HDR render templates are not displayed for HDR projects
  • Improve experience when using unsupported Intel drivers
  • Crash while using NewsPrint effect has been resolved
  • Rendering a project with Video Stabilization applied will no longer crash
  • Playback of some media with Video Stabilization applied will no longer crash
  • Smoothing parameter in Video Stabilization effect will now work for all media
  • Reset of Mesh Warp effect will now work for all points
  • Crash on launch which some users have experienced has been resolved
  • Audio effects are now stored properly for project archives, nested timelines or projects read from scripts
  • Overlays will now show up properly for Media effects
  • Crop plugin now works properly for HDR projects
  • Picture-in-picture effect now works properly for HDR projects
  • Out-of-sync indicator no longer shows up in some cases where the media is not out of sync
  • Resolved issue where some media with AC3 audio which had previously been able to be read but now results in an error
  • Resolved crashing issues while reading and writing HEVC media
  • Fixed a video preview redraw issue when maximizing VEGAS Capture window
  • Fixed potential stall in VEGAS Capture when starting a preview or recording
  • Fixed video preview issue in VEGAS Capture when webcam source resolution doesn't default to 640x480


Vegas Pro 17 [build #387 / Update 3]

New features

  • Trials of VEGAS POST (Vegas Image & Vegas Effects)
  • Auto-update mechanism for VEGAS POST
  • HDR-specific Intel QSV templates for HEVC renders
  • Option to select color histogram for White Balance tools
  • Render template for 360 5.7k projects
  • Webcam video capture is now available in the VEGAS Capture utility
  • Mouse cursor capture is now available in the VEGAS Capture utility

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue where some Video FX parameters that use a text field could not contain more than 4000 characters
  • VEGAS POST can now be activated on systems running Windows 10 Home without running as an administrator
  • Change mechanism for activating VEGAS POST to be more user friendly
  • Saturation and Luminance controls in the Color Grading Panel now match the HSL plugin
  • Issue where some media had low playback performance after video stabilization analysis has been fixed
  • Issue where some CPUs were not properly identified has been resolved
  • Resetting the mesh in Mesh Warp will no longer clear animation data
  • Problem with stepping through frames on projects with high frame rates has been resolved
  • The time display will no longer go blank when cancelling out of the custom color selection dialog
  • Window layout will return properly to previous state when exiting Color Grading mode
  • WMV files will preview properly when using hardware decoding
  • Mesh will properly adjust when preview resolution has changed
  • Will no longer crash when Mesh Warp is handling an empty frame
  • Fix to help prevent crash when editing an event
  • Fix to prevent crash on startup when some third party scripts are read in at opening of the application
  • Korean characters are properly handled in the RenderAs dialog and Insert Subtitles dialog
  • Fix for crash when Warp Flow Transition is applied to some events
  • Motion Tracker will no longer crash for some older CPUs
  • Project Location button in the Render As dialog is now grayed out when the project has not been saved
  • Audio and Video tracks imported from VEGAS Capture will now be more accurately synchronized
  • Various stability fixes for VEGAS Capture


Vegas Pro 17 [Build #353 / Update 2]

New features

  • Improved performance for MeshWarp video effect
  • Backwards tracking for Bézier Mask video effect
  • Improved precision for tracking function in Bézier Mask video effect
  • Added ability to render to 8k for any project that is greater than 4k resolution
  • Support setting projects to up to 240 frames per second

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed error when 2nd Mask is applied using Copy Motion Track to PiP function
  • Fixed crash when creating nested timeline from event that was created in the Trimmer
  • Fixed text input errors using Korean characters in the Titles and Text media generator
  • Import Media button in Project Media window now properly executes the import command that the button is currently showing
  • Project Media "Stop" button now properly enabled when "Auto Play" is enabled
  • Fixed issue with Bézier mask when multiple masks are applied where interactive controls may not match the current mask
  • Fixed issue where some keyframes in Picture-In-Picture video effect are not properly saved in the project file
  • Jump will no longer occur on Stabilized event after resizing and reanalysis of the event
  • Fixed issue where users can overwrite an existing nested timeline if they reuse the default name
  • Added prompt to notify users to save or revert changes to a nested timeline before navigating back to the parent timeline
  • Fixed problem on Event header so proper dragging of the event will occur when expected
  • Will no longer hang when loading projects with 20 or more bins in a folder in the Project Media window
  • Fixed problem where deleting an event with ripple on can cause events to overlap
  • Automatically building proxies will not incorrectly set the project settings when you select ok to the Match Media Properties dialog
  • Fixed issue where some variable framerate footage does not sync the audio and video
  • The preview display will look correct when slip editing with "Video Event Edge Edit Frames" turned off
  • Render options in the RenderAs dialog are now always available
  • Fixed problem where you are unable to import screen capture files multiple times in a single session of VEGAS
  • Properly handle variable frame rate footage with high frame rates (120 to 240 fps)


Vegas Pro 17 [build #321 / Update 1]

New features

  • The Bézier tool's motion tracking has been upgraded to track perspective change allowing for more effective planar tracking
  • Navigation to exact timeline markers through typing the marker number on the keyboard number row now supports three-digit marker numbers
  • An option for opening a media file in VEGAS Post has been added to the event hamburger button
  • The VEGAS Screen Capture utility now provides the ability to save a capture project file which can then be imported into VEGAS Pro so that all captured media is imported onto the timeline on separate tracks and synchronized for instant editing
  • An extension has been added to automatically adjust the length of an event after applying a playback rate change with the Slow Motion OFX plug-in
  • The Warp Flow transition has been optimized to provide interesting results with a wider variation between the video clips involved and more gracefully defaults to a crossfade in extreme cases where warp flow calculations cannot be made
  • The Video Stabilizer now automatically determines and uses the most suitable reference frame for freeze motion mode
  • Uploading to social media sites process now uses the efficient rendering of the MAGIX AVC/AAC file type for faster rendering and uploading process
  • The PiP Copy script now supports copying tracked perspective motion from the Bézier tracking information to the PinP plug-in
  • Menu options for opening a file in FXhome HitFilm have been consolidated for more understandable presentation
  • Several improvements and refinements have been made to the Smart Split feature including the addition of a preference that enables the user to change the default transition length
  • VEGAS Pro now supports NVENC-based lossless encoding templates on qualifying Nvidia hardware

Bug Fixes

  • Unreasonably long load times for large projects with many events have been eliminated
  • The splitter between the preview and audio waveforms in the Trimmer window has been restored so it is possible again to change the height of the audio waveform area.
  • Stabilization crash on certain files eliminated
  • Custom NVENC templates from earlier version of VEGAS Pro can now properly be used for render
  • Text editor button icon display problem corrected
  • Edge cropping of the Video Scopes window no longer occurs
  • User is no longer prompted for new instance or clone when creating nested timeline with generated media
  • Controls are no longer overlapped in the uploading to social media dialogs
  • the Bézier Masking plug-in now correctly updates for shape and location changes
  • Use GPU processing for ACES color management preference artifacts eliminated
  • Color Grading Panel controls that could disappear under certain specific actions now properly remain
  • Custom values entered for the Pixel Aspect Ratio media property media in the Media tab of the Media Properties dialog are no longer inadvertently erased and ignored
  • Adjusting overlap time of the Warp Flow transition no longer causes the software to hang on playback
  • Mouse clicks in the Project Media window list view now properly selects the clicked-upon media
  • Smart Split procedure is now properly identified in the Undo drop-down list
  • The Picture-in-picture script no longer produces an error if the user attempts to run it without first creating tracking information
  • A crash upon opening VEGAS Pro after closing the application with a saved project has been eliminated
  • You can now undo adding the Color Grading Panel plug-in to an event
  • Replacing a Main Timeline storyboard item that is a duplicate no longer removes all items that reference the same media
  • Slow motion artifacts when processing with the CPU have been eliminated
  • Warp Flow transition now properly stores the necessary tracking data
  • It's now possible to properly apply different edge filling across different events
  • No longer crash upon attempting to load older, unsupported Boris Continuum plug-ins
  • Creating a nested timeline no longer deletes markers or regions from the parent timeline
  • Various translation problems have been fixed in different international versions
  • Hover scrub no longer crashes or stops working after an undo/redo of a media replace or delete action
  • A one-pixel "jump" between the stabilization freeze mode reference frame and the following frame has been eliminated
  • Double-clicking a file in the Explorer now properly adds media to a selected unassociate storyboard
  • Events are now placed in the proper order after adding duplicates to the Main Timeline storyboard
  • The Picture in Picture plug-in now works properly during playback and render after copying motion tracking information to it
  • No more green frames for 422 AVC MP4s during NVDEC hardware decoding
  • Windowed HDR preview now properly updates during render
  • ACES version and ACES color space properties changes no longer persist when user cancels changes in the Properties dialog box
  • Image adjustments are now properly applied when Slow Motion is used as a video output effect
  • A warning message is now properly presented when the user attempts to prerender a video without first choosing a render template
  • Some render templates that showed the wrong vendor information have been corrected
  • The X and Y Location sliders now properly adjust the location values when animating location settings for various plug-ins
  • Several minor UI problems have been addressed
  • The Color Grading panel is now properly disabled when more than one video event are selected
  • Many corrections have been made to the application help
  • Project Media context menu command Remove from Project now does what it's supposed to do
  • Color Grading mode parameters are properly read when reopening the project
  • Audio/Video synchronization problems that could occur in HDR projects have been resolved
  • Several Hi-DPI UI issues have been eliminated
  • A problem that could cause a crash on playback or render in a project with Event Pan/Crop mask keyframes has been solved
  • An issue that caused MP3 files not to play back on certain machines has been removed
  • Hi-DPI preview no longer clips on a secondary monitor
  • AVC playback on some machines that displayed poor performance have been improved
  • Various improvements have been made which apply the new UI look to older components


Vegas Pro 17 [Build #284 is the official release version]

New features

  • Nested Timelines This is a further development of the existing nested projects functionality. Where a nested project has to be opened in a second instance of VEGAS Pro for editing, with the nested timelines it is now possible to create and edit a "project-inside-a project" directly from the timeline.
  • Color Grading window: Several color-related Video Event FX (including Input LUT, Color Wheels, Color Curves,HSL, White Balance and many more) are combined in a dedicated screen area that is easily shown or hidden with a toolbar button. To save you a lot of clicks it can stay open to apply the desired color grading to the different events, instead of opening each event's FX chain and loading the color FX separately.
  • LUT Export: Save all color effects from an effect chain as a CUBE file with the Save LUT button in the Plug-in chooser window.
  • Improved Storyboard functionality: You can add the same piece of media to a single storyboard, and thumbnails reflect the in point of the media that is used in the timeline.
  • Warp Flow transition/Smart Split: The Warp Flow transition automatically fixes jump cuts by synthesizing movement. The Smart Split command cuts out parts of an event and applies the Warp Flow transition to conceal the cut.
  • Mesh Warp plug-in for creative deformation of your footage, or, when you set the grid size to 1x1 it gives you four corner points to quickly conform your video to a non-rectangular four-sided surface.
  • Lens Correction plug-in to compensate distortions from wide-angle lens systems as used in action cams.
  • HDR Color support enhancements
  • GPU-based processing
  • Windowed HDR Preview (preview in the Video Preview window)
  • HDR Specific color grading
  • HLG support
  • Stabilization improvements: Using the Video stabilization is now also possible at event level, when used on event level it is possible to visualize the motion tracks of the stabilization.
  • Collaboration Center: Attach notes to your project if you want to hand it to someone else. The notes can be tagged as "resolved", resolved notes can be hidden.
  • Automatic Slideshow Creator: Create a Slideshow of a desired length from a folder or selection of pictures.
  • Adjustable Color temperature enhancement to White Balance plug-in.
  • Audio synchronization for multicam: Synchronize Multicam footage by analyzing and matching the audio track of the recordings.
  • 8k support : You can add 8k to your project now when using proxy files.
  • New Formats:
    • Experimental MKV support.
    • 10 bit intermediate format
    • ProRes 4444 files with embedded alpha channels
    • NVENC 10-bit HEVC rendering
    • Hardware decoding for AVC and HEVC
  • User Interface improvements:
    • You'll get a warning when you delete a track that has events on it.
    • Hi-DPI interface improvements: The High DPI mode is now defaulted to on for VEGAS Pro17
    • You can display the Event length on the header of timeline events. Find it in the hamburger menu for each event or under the View menu.
    • Temporarily ignore event grouping when moving an event: Hold both the left and right mouse buttons as you drag an event to move it independently from other group members.
    • There's a new indicator on an event to show if Media FX have been applied to the media the event holds (find it in the event hamburger menu)
    • You will be asked to confirm if you click cancel in a render process.
    • New, task specific, default layouts / Dashboard:Easy editing modes for beginners work with a simplified version of the user interface that show only the most important controls for a step-by-step walk-through from adding media to the final movie, everything put together in the Dashboard window. The Guided Video Creator from the Tool Menu takes you through these steps.
  • VEGAS Screen Capture utility: Record video streams from your browser or video game.
  • Motion tracking: Track motion in a scene and let other events or text follow the movement.
  • Super-smooth slow motion (optical flow and motion estimation) with the VEGAS Slow Motion plug-in

Bug Fixes

  • Render As dialog box shows the correct disk space when switching disks
  • PreRes files creating with the RED Epic Helium camera are now properly supported
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