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Update History for VEGAS Pro 18

Compatible with: VEGAS Pro 18, VEGAS Edit 18 & VEGAS Pro 18 Suite

  • VEGAS Edit 18, VEGAS Pro 18 and VEGAS Pro 18 Suite (which includes VEGAS Effects & VEGAS Image), all use the same identical version of VEGAS Pro, which means all the build version updates listed below, will be compatible with the version of VEGAS Pro 18 you own.
  • To find which build version of Vegas Pro you currently have installed, open VEGAS Pro and go to Help/About.

How to Download Vegas Pro 18?

You can download the latest build version for Vegas Pro, three different ways:

  1. Go to the MAGIX Download Center and enter your Serial Number.
  2. Use one of the Download Manager/Installers for the version of Vegas you own - this will also install any extras that come with your version of VEGAS.
  3. Use one of the build version download links listed below, which are hosted on the official MAGIX servers. They're legit!

VEGAS Download Managers

Select a download manager link and a new page will open for you:
Vegas Edit 18 Download Manager
Vegas Pro 18 Download Manager
Vegas Pro 18 Suite Download Manager

Direct Download links for Latest and Older Build Versions

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge users, please note!

Pressing direct download links will not work if using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, due to new security protocols.
You must right-click and select Save Link As. If a pop-up warning asks to Discard the file, press arrow and select Keep.
These are official MAGIX/VEGAS download links and are safe to download!

Vegas Pro 18 [Build #527 / Update 5]

Download links

Vegas Pro 18 (DE/EN/FR/ES) [Build #527]

Vegas Post Suite (DE/EN/FR/ES) [Build #527]

New Features

  • BETA: VEGAS Hub access for VEGAS 365 users
  • HEVC 10-bit 4:2:2 decoding with supported hardware
  • Disk usage field in the Render Progress dialog

Bug Fixes

  • Scale & Location tracking mode no longer missing from Bezier Mask tracking
  • YouTube and Vimeo uploads now work
  • Bezier masks with 32 or more curve points will no longer crash when rotating the mask
  • Now will disable the "Hardware Decoder to use" field in preferences if no hardware decoder can be used
  • Resetting color grading after a Camera LUT has been apply no longer crashes.
  • Fixed crashes that could occur when adjusting the HLS and Input/Output slider in the Color Grading panel
  • Issues with recent Windows Update and AC3 decoding have been resolved
  • Minimizing VEGAS while doing a batch render will properly keep the Render Progress dialog minimized as well
  • Driver update utility now sees Xe Max GPUs
  • Video Stabilization no longer crashes after applying a preset
  • Fixed scenario where Render As dialog is not visible when launched


Vegas Pro 18 [Build #482 / Update 4]

Download links

Vegas Pro 18 (DE/EN/FR/ES) [Build #482]

Vegas Post Suite (DE/EN/FR/ES) [Build #482]

New Features

  • GPU Process for Input Device Transform processing
  • P3-D65 HDR templates for Render As dialog
  • New preference for event edge double click, disabling the toggle to Expanded Edit Mode by default

Bug Fixes

  • Added support for extended GPU names in Driver Update utility
  • Added better region support in Driver Update utility
  • Added support for 10th, 11th generation Intel integrated GPUs and Xe GPUs in Driver Update utility
  • Fixed behavior for templates customized for mono in the MP3 encoder
  • Render As dialog properly saves favorited templates
  • Adding an audio FX automation envelope no longer crashes after applying an FX package
  • Dragging and dropping an FX default now correctly inserts the default preset
  • Track Motion window now retains its position between sessions
  • Green Channel Only preset for Channel Blend plugin now handles alpha properly
  • Fixed crash when trying to open Blackvue Dashcam HEVC file
  • Added support to read files in an MP2 container that contains AC-3 audio
  • Fixed crash when using the Slow Motion plugin in low memory situations
  • Added support for DCH drivers in the Driver Update utility
  • Fixed crash which may occur when using some NewBlue plugins
  • Media Generator UI will now open after a double click to add the generator to the timeline
  • Fixed crash when opening the Render As dialog when the AVC plugin cannot be accessed
  • Handling of hardware encoders changed to avoid crashes if hardware cannot support them
  • Fixed Driver Update utility so it accurately displays information for previously unsupported NVidia GPUs
  • AVC files rendered at a custom frame rate now create valid files
  • Amplitude Modulation audio plugin will now stay in sync no matter where playback starts on the timeline
  • Fixed crash on systems which OpenGL cannot be initialized
  • Added support to read files in an MP4 container that contain AC-3 audio
  • Distorted UI in Render As dialog for some systems is now fixed
  • Crash which can occur when drawing wave streams on the timeline has been fixed
  • Fixed crash which may occur when syncing the timeline with the FX automation timeline
  • Rende rAs dialog now remembers its previous size and position
  • Projects with the Timecode plugin included on them will no longer crash when rendered
  • Background of the Render Options dropdown corrected to properly show text in all interface color schemes
  • Fix issue where Auto-Update fails due to "Application still running" error. (This will not have any effect for users until the next update.)
  • Channel blend custom presets from previous versions of VEGAS Pro now work the same in VEGAS Pro 18
  • Fixed crash that may occur when undo is executed and a file is removed from the project in the process of the undo
  • Fixed crash that may occur when an empty audio event is added to the timeline
  • Fixed crash that may occur when drawing an empty audio event on the timeline
  • Crash when editing a bezier curve in the Pan/Crop window has been fixed
  • Updated OpenVino library to support 11th generation Intel Core CPUs
  • Change to avoid crash while applying an audio plugin during playback
  • Prevent a hang which could occur when opening files that require an activation
  • Customized templates are displayed as expected in the Render As dialog
  • Errors in the search field for the Render As dialog have been resolved
  • Selecting the P2 encoder in the Render As dialog correctly sets the folder and file name fields
  • The application closes properly if the user opens the Media Generators window during the session
  • Using the Credit Roll media generator no longer causes the application to freeze or crash
  • Crash that may occur when drawing a nested timeline event on the main timeline has been fixed
  • Support hardware HEVC 4:2:2 decoding on newer Intel processors
  • Fixed crash when building audio proxy on nested timelines
  • AVC files that have erroneously been detected as VFR now are detected properly


Vegas Pro 18 [Build #434 / Update 3]

Download links

Vegas Pro 18 (DE/EN/FR/ES) [Build #434]

Vegas Post Suite (DE/EN/FR/ES) [Build #434]

New Features

  • Updated ACES support to version 1.2

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed Crash when using Style Transfer plugin
  • Color Curves plugin now handles HDR values properly
  • Anchor points are now handled properly in the Titles and Text media generator
  • The directory field in the Organize Layouts dialog now persists properly
  • Improved functionality for drag-and-drop in the Motion Tracking panel
  • Open folder button now works properly in the Render Progress window after rendering an image sequence
  • Fixed a crash while editing the Crop plugin
  • 360 mode is now properly retained when you open a new VEGAS session
  • Added a new option to deactivate GPU acceleration for the UI when conflicts exist
  • Hamburger menu configuration dialog will no longer clip options in high DPI environments
  • Expanded the slider range for the Cookie Cutter plugin
  • Vimeo upload now works
  • VideoFX, Media Generators and Transitions plugin windows now retain focus properly
  • RenderAs dialog sizes properly in high DPI environments
  • Long load times have been reduced in projects containing a Warp Flow transition
  • The track buttons in the Motion Tracking panel are now disabled when no region is selected
  • Changing the opacity of a track on the timeline no longer affects event selection
  • Performing an undo when the envelope tool is selected no longer causes a crash
  • Fixed crash when the current user has changed in Windows
  • View transform selection is now retained between launches of VEGAS
  • The motion tracking panel no longer causes a crash when selecting an empty event
  • Fixed a crash the could occur when events are drawn on the timeline
  • Color grading panel will no longer produce large numbers of undo events
  • Drawing of the color wheels in the Color Grading panel has been improved
  • Zoom level in the Video Stabilization plugin is new set properly when loading a project
  • Fixed problem when reading in some MPEG files with AC-3 audio
  • Media Effects will no longer be removed from media that is renamed in the Project Media window
  • Favorites will now properly update in the Explorer window
  • Improved functionality of GPU detection
  • Video Stabilization no longer crashes when applied as a Media Effect to a still image
  • Better handling of the position parameter for some plugins when using the Motion Tracking panel
  • Fixed issue where some transitions were not able to be added to the timeline
  • Double clicking on an FX name will now properly add it to a plugin chain with the default preset
  • Fixed issue where drag-and-drop did not work with compositors on an empty video track
  • Added support for Quadro and 3000 series Nvidia GPUs in the Driver Update window
  • Fixed memory error the may occur when using NVENC templates
  • Fixed crash that can occur when the user is editing clips without trim handles on
  • Issue with some 3rd party Media Generators causing the Media Generator window not to open has been fixed
  • HEVC 4:2:0 media will no longer cause a crash
  • Better support of HEVC 4:2:2 media on Intel processors


Vegas Pro 18 [Build #373 / Update 2]

Download links

Vegas Pro 18 (DE/EN/FR/ES) [Build #373]

Vegas Post Suite (DE/EN/FR/ES) [Build #373]

New Features

  • Drag and drop of motion data available in the Motion tracking panel
  • Interlaced presets now available for the MAGIX AVC/AAC render format

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash that could occur in while using the Crop plugin
  • Masking plugins properly handle alpha value in both 8 bit and 32 bit pixel formats
  • Region of Interest in the Video Stabilization plugin now does not resize during a mouse move
  • Default project and render settings have been changed to a more commonly used properties
  • Turn off GPU acceleration of some of the UI components if an application is running that conflicts with the GPU resources
  • The Premiere export functionality completes successfully now without an error stating a component is missing
  • Bezier Mask overlay now rotates as expected
  • Color curve adjustments in the color grading panel no longer reset when multiple events are selected
  • A failure of proxy generation will no longer affect normal video reading
  • Bezier Mask oval mask no longer deforms when rotated
  • Transparency for the Picture-in-picture plugin now works as expected on all AMD GPUs
  • If a user resets the Video Stabilization effect, instructions reappear to notify the user how to use the plugin
  • Fixed issue in Driver Update dialog which caused the application to hang on some AMD GPUs
  • Style Transfer plugin now works properly in 32 bit projects
  • The render progress dialog will always show the proper text when the render has completed
  • Crash on startup while initializing the File I/O manager has been fixed
  • Black Bar Fill plugin correctly blurs the background when expanded
  • Color Curves FX no longer clips the scopes if placed after the Levels plugin
  • Channel Blend plugin now has consistent output with version in VEGAS Pro 17
  • Corrected the limited range conversion during render when using 32-bit video levels
  • Support for newer, higher performing models for Style Transfer and Colorize plugins
  • User interface no longer refreshes unnecessarily when the Motion Tracking panel is reopened
  • Fixed problem where the render progress dialog will not appears on some systems
  • Restoration of older proxy generation mechanism to fix performance problems
  • Now filtering out unsupported 4:2:2 10 bit HEVC that are decoded with the Intel HEVC decoder files which may cause a crash or result in artefacts being displayed


Vegas Pro 18 [Build #334 / Update 1]

New Features

  • Support for HEVC HDR presets available for NVENC
  • AMD support for Driver Update dialog
  • NVidia Quadro support for Driver Update dialog
  • Smart proxy generation based on GPU capabilities
  • Greater ability to move the Region of Interest for Video Stabilization
  • Interface to VEGAS Image
  • Direct control of Motion Tracking from within the Bezier Masking FX
  • Progress bar on the Motion Tracking panel is now clickable

Bug Fixes

  • Better handling GPU auto selection
  • Fixed crash on startup related to some Intel GPU drivers
  • Flicker Control FX thumbnail now displays properly in Plugin window
  • Colorization FX thumbnail now displays properly in the Plugin Window
  • Auto update for VEGAS Image and VEGAS Effects now functions
  • VEGAS Pro 17 projects that have the Slow Motion FX will no longer cause a crash
  • Grids in Expert mode on the Video Stabilization FX now work properly
  • Style Transfer and Colorization plugins now work on all supported hardware
  • Motion Tracking icon in the timeline toolbar correctly opens the Motion Tracking panel
  • Render progress dialog now remains in focus when open
  • VEGAS no longer freezes when clicking into another application while the Render Progress dialog is open
  • Proxy generation and use of Proxy files now work as expected
  • Motion data now properly applied to 2D parameters
  • Fixed problem where some Notebook GPUs are not detected by the Driver Update dialog
  • Exposure control in the Color Grading panel no longer clips in full-range projects
  • Fixed crash when reading in a file that was rendered from a 360 project with a non-hardware accelerated template
  • Improved performance of Plugin window thumbnail generation
  • Some iPhone files will no longer appear inverted in the Explorer window
  • Clicking on a Panasonic P2 template in the Render As dialog and then clicking a different format now allows editing of the file name
  • Fixed crash on shutdown
  • Adding Motion Tracking to a Lens Flare FX will no longer cause a crash
  • Picture in Picture FX now works properly in Free Form mode
  • Pan and Crop will no longer crash if "Collapse loop region" option is enabled in preferences
  • Hide the Third Party tab in the plugin window if no third party plugins are installed
  • Default format for Save Snapshot feature is now PNG
  • HDR templates now displayed when they should be available in the Render As dialog
  • Change the default render format in the Render As dialog
  • Video Stabilization no longer causes VEGAS to hang on playback with some AMD GPUs
  • Interlaced templates now available in the MAGIX AVC/AAC render plugin
  • Fixed problem with selection of animation keyframes that are not aligned with frame boundaries
  • Crash when clicking on the Creative Tab in the Video FX plugin window is fixed
  • Saving and loading of Favorites in the Plugin Windows now works as expected
  • Collapsing track groups with a fade applied to events no longer results in crash
  • Opening the Motion Tracking panel from an event's burger menu now properly selects the event
  • Fixed a crash when reading some MP4 files with an unusual AAC format


Vegas Pro 18 [Build #284 is the official release version]

New features

  • Dedicated Motion Tracking Panel
  • Tracking information for position-aware OFX plug-ins
  • Artificial intelligence: Style Transfer
  • Artificial intelligence: Colorization
  • Dockable Color Grading Panel
  • More efficient Color Grading Panel UI
  • Logarithmic exposure tool in Color Grading panel
  • Improved auto-contrast in Color Grading panel
  • Skin tone line for Vectorscope 
  • Combined RGB display for RGB Parade video scope
  • Redesigned Plug-in windows
  • Powerful plug-in search
  • Third-party plug-in filtering
  • Plug-in favorites
  • Hardware encoding for Intel HDR presets
  • Metadata-based selection of HDR IDTs
  • Support for full range colors in 8 bit projects
  • Automatic GPU driver detection
  • Auto GPU configuration for hardware acceleration
  • Video Noise reduction 
  • Flicker removal filter
  • M4V and M4A format support
  • Configurable Capture Folder for VEGAS Capture
  • Improved Video Engine performance
  • Performance and stability improvements for VEGAS Capture
  • Project location persistence
  • Exportable/importable Preferences
  • Detailed render progress dialog
  • Incremental project save
  • Event Trim handles
  • Modern Kinetic Titles and Text presets
  • Black Bar Filler filter
  • 30 unique Fonts

VEGAS Effects 2.0

New Features 

  • New mask shapes allow you to create and customize Rounded Rectangle, Polygon, and Star shaped masks.
  • The new Auto Stabilizer effect provides easy smoothing of motion in handheld video clips.
  • Added a Motion Track effect, for easily attaching a timeline object to a specific element in the scene.
  • The Crop / Pan & Zoom effect allows you to crop the contents of a clip, and animate the crop to control which area is shown.
  • Added the Color Adjustment effect to allow a range of selected colors to be shifted.
  • Added the GoPro FX Reframe effect, for fully customizing the framing of your 360º footage.
  • The Text tool now allows multiple customizable outlines.
  • Added the ability to export audio using the WAV format.

VEGAS Image 2.0

New Features

  • The text system has been rebuilt from the ground up, allowing you to have different font styles within the same block of text. We’ve also added new font options including text outline, subscript, superscript, margins, and more.
  • A new integration with VEGAS Pro has been added, which allows VEGAS Pro load VEGAS Image projects. 
  • A “Healing Brush” effect has been added, which lets you quickly heal areas of your image using a source point and a brush.
  • A “Clone Stamp” effect has been added, which enables you to clone parts of your image using a brush.
  • A “Dynamic Contrast” effect has been added, which allows you to selectively apply contrast to the small, medium, and large details of your image. 
  • A “Split toning” effect has been added, with a bespoke UI, which allows you to rapidly apply two colors to the highlight and shadow tones in your image.
  • A “Gradient Map” effect has been added, which allows you to blend a gradient across the tones in your image.


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