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Update History for:
VEGAS Pro 19, VEGAS Edit 19 & VEGAS Post 19

  • To find which build version of Vegas Pro you currently have installed, open VEGAS Pro and go to Help/About.
  • VEGAS Edit 19, VEGAS Pro 19 and VEGAS Post 19 (includes VEGAS Effects & VEGAS Image), all use the same identical version of VEGAS Pro, which means all the build version updates listed below, will be compatible with the version of VEGAS Pro 19 you own.

Q: How to Download Vegas Pro 19?

You can download the latest build version of Vegas Pro, three different ways:

  1. Go to the MAGIX Download Center and enter your Serial Number.
  2. Use one of the Download Manager/Installers for the version of Vegas you own - this will also install any extras that come with your version of VEGAS.
  3. Use one of the build version download links listed below, which are hosted on the official MAGIX servers. They're legit!

VEGAS Download Managers

Select a download manager link and a new page will open for you:
Vegas Edit 19 Download Manager
Vegas Pro 19 Download Manager
Vegas Post 19 Download Manager

Direct Download links for Latest and Older Build Versions

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge users, please note!

Pressing direct download links will not work if using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, due to new security protocols.
You must right-click and select Save Link As. If a pop-up warning asks to Discard the file, press arrow and select Keep.
These are official MAGIX/VEGAS download links and are safe to download!

Vegas Pro 19 [Build #651 / Update 7]

Vegas Pro 19 [Build #651]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixes bug that stops VEGAS Pro 19 from completing the Boot-Up sequence. This is an emergency patch release.

Vegas Pro 19 [Build #648 / Update 6]

Vegas Pro 19 [Build #648]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed HEVC decoding crash
  • 360 renders are now properly formatted
  • Fixed editing during project playback hang issue
  • Improperly formatted Closed Caption files no longer crash VEGAS during render
  • Fixed a peak-building crash

Vegas Pro 19 [Build #643 / Update 5]

Vegas Pro 19 [Build #643]

Vegas Deep Learning Models [Build #]

New Features

  • Bezier Curve support for keyframe animation for effects
  • Speech to Text auto-detects the OS language
  • Update to support the latest version of OFX specification
  • Motion Blur FX
  • Hardware detection now handles multiple GPUs from the same vendor
  • Color Grading can now be applied to the Track, Media, and Video Output levels
  • Brightness and Contrast controls for the Color Grading Panel
  • Locked indicator on events
  • Text bounded background for Titles and Text generator
  • Performance improvements for Color Grading curve options
  • Automatically crop video to the project output aspect ratio
  • Customized subtitle creation for Speech to Text
  • New setting to allow matching of aspect ratio to media
  • GPU acceleration for Scene and Shot detection
  • Additional Languages and Regional dialects for Text to Speech
  • New templates for vertical aspect ratio projects
  • New templates for rendering vertical aspect ratio projects

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash which could occur when selecting Bypass All after a track level effect was added
  • The Border FX now properly releases GPU memory
  • Event length is properly set when velocity changes via mouse drag
  • Move rarely used Project Properties to another tab so the size of the dialog is smaller
  • Edit Visible Button Set on an audio track now works properly
  • Color Grading layout now properly shows Hub windows
  • Performance improvements for BRAW decoding
  • The driver Update database now detects new NVidia and AMD cards
  • Fixed problem where the shift key sticks after adding envelope points
  • Sorting and grouping options now apply consistently in the List and Details view of the Hub Explorer
  • New hardware detection works properly with DXGI GPUs
  • Projects from VEGAS Pro 18 with notes will no longer cause a crash when loaded into VEGAS Pro 19
  • Selecting the Invert Phase menu item on an audio track now works properly
  • Color Curves FX will no longer cause a crash when added to and effects chain
  • Fixed crash that may occur when using GL Transitions plugin
  • Subclip media and rotation properties properly persist
  • Deleting a subclip no longer makes the parent media unplayable
  • Hide selection context menu option now works
  • Fixed crash that may occur when using the Plugin Manager
  • Fixed crash that may occur when pasting data on the timeline
  • Fixed crash that may occur during playback
  • Consistent behavior when dragging opacity or gain on multiple events
  • Boris Continuum 2022.5 will no longer cause a crash
  • Auto-save will no longer cause a potential hang on exit
  • Fixed names for some interlaced render templates
  • Appropriate time information for render progress in situations where the muxing step takes excessive amounts of time
  • Fix crashes that may occur when loading a project with a nested timeline
  • Time information in the render progress is now correct when rendering a project with a nested timeline
  • Reduce Interlace Flicker option now works as expected for all media
  • Render Progress time information now displays correctly if renders take longer than a day
  • Fixed issue where VEGAS does not read certain AVI videos
  • Clicking the Color Grading button on an event now selects that event as well
  • Fixed a crash that may occur when splitting audio events
  • Initial search in the Video Plugins windows no longer causes a long delay
  • Fixed a crash that may occur when applying undo or redo within the Color Grading panel
  • Fixed crash when using the Color Grading panel with the Smart Zoom plugin
  • Hardware encoder and decoder usage works as expected with associated preference settings
  • ProRes 444 rendering has been fixed
  • No longer crashes on shutdown when HEVC media is on the timeline
  • Preferences are properly uplifted from build 550
  • Performance is improved in 32-bit projects when GPU acceleration is turned off

Vegas Pro 19 [Build #532 / Update 4]

Vegas Pro 19 [Build #532]

New Features

  • Apple ProRes files are now supported for both import and export
  • Color grading panel is now available at the media, track, and video output levels
  • Optical Flow slow motion now available for velocity curves and playback rate settings
  • An expanded lower limit for playback rate
  • Event switch to automatically trim events to show all frames
  • Resampling mode revamp including Disable Resampling as the default
  • Option in Mesh Warp to more smoothly morph image between mesh points
  • Ability to show unquantized event edges
  • Ability to turn off the preview window during a render
  • New AI tab in the Video Plugins window
  • VEGAS Hub and Hub Explorer now part of the default layout
  • BETA: Speech to Text functionality including automatic subtitle generation and export of SRT, SUB, and TXT files

Bug Fixes

  • Favorite templates in the Render As dialog are preserved when upgrading from a previous version of VEGAS Pro 
  • Ghosting that occurred during a render when Optical Flow is applied has been fixed 
  • Red text that may be displayed when hovering over a GL Transition preset has been fixed 
  • Fixed handling of temporary files during rendering of AVC and HEVC projects 
  • Legacy AVC and HEVC settings now properly reset when the user clicks Default All in the Preferences dialog 
  • Pressing the ESC key with the Render As dialog box open now properly closes the box without rendering the project 
  • The “Do not show again” check box in the poor performing media dialog now works properly 
  • Border FX now properly handles the Blurred Size parameter with AMD GPUs 
  • Fix crash which may occur at startup when not connected to the internet 
  • An issue with reduced render quality for some formats has been resolved 
  • The Track Length field no longer impedes the functionality of event buttons when a track is minimized 
  • Fix issue where Image Sequence does not appear in the format list in the Render As dialog 
  • Copy and Paste of a GL Transition now works properly 
  • Fixed issue that causes a crash upon exiting the application for some users 
  • A410 pixel format is now handled properly 
  • Will no longer crash when using the list of recent Transitions 
  • A problem in the Explorer Window where only folders are displayed has been fixed 
  • The VEGAS Effects button is no longer available on an empty video event, avoiding a crash 
  • Render As dialog no longer shows the Render Loop Region Only option as selected and selectable when no loop region is available 
  • Appropriately handle RED sidecar files 
  • Color Grading Panel is now available after it is unpinned and the interface is reset 
  • Metadata is now being written correctly for HDR transforms 
  • The color correction layout no longer opens VEGAS Hub 
  • The pixel format is now available through the script API 
  • Fixed SRT file import for the Insert Subtitles functionality 
  • Using the arrow keys while navigating the templates pane in the Render As dialog now works as expected 
  • Restore Default Layout now also properly restores the Color Grading mode layout 
  • Quicktime media will no longer cause a warning message when imported 
  • Fixed an issue that caused a prolonged application freeze when deleting or cutting an event while playing the project with auto-ripple engaged 
  • Fixed crash that may occur when switching between parent and nested projects 
  • Choosing the default layout now properly closes the Color Grading Panel and sets it back to its defaults 
  • Correctly handle IPCM audio in XAVC HS files 
  • Correct metadata is now read for AVC/MP4 files that were rendered to but were previously opened in VEGAS


Vegas Effects 3 [Version 3.1.1]

Vegas Effects 3 [Build #3.1.1]


This update includes new Rough Edges, Water Caustics, Edge Distortion and Pencil Sketch effects, improvements to the quality of YouTube export presets and a range of enhancements and bug fixes.


  • The new Rough Edges effect adds organic variation to the edges of the alpha channel of a clip.
  • The new Water Caustics effect procedurally generates animated patterns of reflection and refraction, to simulate looking through water.
  • The new Edge Distortion effect creates line boil, adding movement to the lines or edges within your clip.
  • The new Pencil Sketch effect makes your clip look as if it was drawn with pencil on paper.
  • Improved the quality of timeline cache renders.
  • Users can now choose whether the timeline cache is encoded and decoded with software or GPU hardware.
  • The YouTube export presets have been updated to improve the quality of exported files.
  • The prompt for automatic proxy creation no longer appears when creating a new project.


  • Clicking a motion path keyframe now selects the property containing the keyframe.
  • Multiple point layers can now be selected in the Viewer by dragging a rubber band selection.
  • When multiple points of a mask are selected, individual points can now be removed from the selection.
  • Improved support for models in the GLB format.
  • Improved font compatibility for text rendering.
  • Changing proxies now triggers the unsaved state for the project.
  • Exiting a project while proxies are being created now triggers a warning.
  • Plugins now show more quickly after initial installation.
  • In the Super Glow effect, the Grain Frequency setting now defaults to a value of 1.0.
  • Added a user-friendly message when users attempt to render Quality proxies at incompatible resolutions.
  • Added a user-friendly message when users attempt to export to H.264 with incompatible resolutions.
  • Updated the text in the DPI Scaling checkbox.
  • Translated the Motion Lock effect.

Bug Fixes

  • In the Trimmer, the Scale to Fit option is now available for images.
  • Creating a light no longer blocks the creation of masks.
  • Transforming the X position of a layer from a tracked point no longer causes stability issues.
  • Applying tracking info for a single position axis no longer affects both axes.
  • Pre-renders that are no longer valid are now discarded, rather than showing an alert triangle.
  • Improved performance of loading the Cache options panel when the cache is large.
  • Keyboard shortcuts in the Viewer can now be used after creating a composite shot.
  • Motion paths now update more accurately in the Viewer when the view is panned and when paths are edited.
  • Motion paths now update more accurately in the Viewer when switching between timelines.
  • The Viewer selection tool icon now updates correctly when you press and release the right-click mouse button.
  • Pressing the middle mouse button while the Hand tool is active no longer switches to the selection tool.
  • Using the Viewer navigation tools no longer causes the selection to be lost.
  • Using the Viewer navigation tools with the Mask tool active no longer renders the mask in selection mode.
  • Masks can once again be edited non-uniformly by holding shift while editing.
  • When a plane is set to receive reflections, converting the plane to a comp no longer breaks the reflections.
  • Changing the resolution of a timeline after caching no longer causes render issues on systems with Intel UHD 630 graphics.
  • Saving a project with Auto Stabilizer applied to a large video file no longer causes stability issues.
  • Auto Stabilizer once again shows the frame analysis progress in the Viewer.
  • Auto Stabilizer does not display the control buttons in the Viewer until the initial analysis is completed.
  • The Derez effect now renders correctly when preceded by the Set Matte effect.
  • The Bevel effect now renders correctly when applied after the Bend effect.
  • Improved the rendering accuracy of the Grading Transfer effect.
  • Eliminated a rendering glitch that would appear in the Surface Studio effect at high color depths.
  • Eliminated a rendering glitch when using the Cosmos effect with Lens Blur and a plane layer at high color depths.
  • Improved alignment in the Half Tone effect to prevent unwanted rendering artifacts at the frame edges.
  • In the End Credits Crawl effect, the fonts for Roles and Names can now be edited independently.
  • The End Credits Crawl effect now consistently has a single element when added.
  • Cancelling an existing export queue item when an Export Now task is rendering no longer freezes the queue.
  • Export of timelines containing OFX plugins are now less likely to time out, thanks to optimizations in the plugin loading process.


Vegas IMAGE 3 [Version 3.1]

Vegas Image 3 [Build #3.1]


This version introduces 8 new effects, Median Blur, Dot Matrix, Tile, Reflection, Cartoon, Posterize, Solarize, and Color Vibrance. Additionally, we have added a bunch of quality of life improvements to make using our effects better, such as non-linear sliders and aspect-ratio locking scaling. Finally, as ever, there are many fixes and stability improvements.


  • Added a Median Blur effect which blurs the image using a median filter, perfect for reducing noise while maintaining structure.
  • Added a Dot Matrix effect which transforms your image into a grid of dots, reminiscent of a Dot matrix printer.
  • Added a Tile effect which allows you to quickly tile an image without the need for layer duplication.
  • Added a Reflection effect which allows you to position mirror lines, perfect for adding reflections to subjects in your composite. You can also set the number and rotation of the mirror lines to create kaleidoscopic effects.
  • Added a Cartoon effect that smooths and posterizes the image, as well as overlaying pen lines to the edges. All to give the image a cartoon-style appearance.
  • Added a Posterize effect which reduces the color detail to produce blocks of color.
  • Added a Solarize effect which creates the appearance of a film negative that has been exposed to light during development.
  • Added a Color Vibrance effect that is perfect for adding color to greyscale textures, like fractal patterns or particles.


  • Many effects now have non-linear sliders which allows much better control over the values used most often. Making it easier to dial in your effects.
  • The Light Rays effect now has the option to set the light direction, instead of the position. Perfect for if you want the light source to be offscreen.
  • The Sharpen effect is now called Unsharp Mask, and its control ranges have been increased to allow more sharpening options.
  • Effects that have a scale or size control now have an aspect ratio lock to allow easier scaling adjustments.
  • You can now set a default canvas background color and workspace color profile in the settings.
  • Starting a project by opening an image will now set the project name to that image as well as the default save and export folder location.
  • Added resize cursor handles to the crop tool.
  • The Denoise effect has been optimized to improve performance.
  • Improved the softness fall-off of Brush masks.
  • Improved the quality and usability of the Matte Cleaner effect.
  • Many dropdowns have been improved to have better scrolling.
  • Improved the user workflow of saving an old project in a new version.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue with the luminance mask not applying correctly or logically.
  • Fixed issues with some text input dialogs not accepting some language input.
  • Fixed an issue would allow you to drag effects onto layers that they don’t support.
  • Fixed issues with the brush mask not feathering correctly.
  • Fixed an issue with effects not disappearing when the effect is deleted.
  • Fixed an issue with relinking assets on some graphics cards.
  • Fixed an issue with empty layers being created when the import fails.
  • Fixed instability when importing some corrupted assets.
  • Fixed issue where the icon for the preset files was incorrect.
  • Fixed issues with detecting if the application is running before installing/uninstalling.
  • Fixed potential issues when upgrading the application with the installer.
  • Fixed some graphical issues with Chroma Key when the Adaptive Color is in use.
  • Fixed issue with the blend-if tool not updating while it is being used.
  • Fixed issue with the Clone and Heal brushes not applying on transparent areas.
  • Fixed issues with masks and effects applying in the wrong order in very specific cases.
  • Fixed the image stretching that can occur on the font dropdown.
  • Improved performance when the second monitor display is open.
  • Fixed an issue where the pin toggle on the effect menu was not saved in a specific case.
  • Fixed some rendering issues when the effect can grow the layer.
  • Fixed a rendering issue with the Pencil Sketch effect when adjusting the background radius.
  • Fixed an issue with the text paragraph styles not copying/pasting correctly in some cases.
  • Fixed an issue where the effect add menu would open offscreen when using the left-handed UI mode.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the canvas to move if activating pan during a selection.
  • Fixed issue with the Voronoi option of Multi-point gradient.
  • Fixed an issue that could occur with undo/redo on the text editor.
  • Fixed issues with inconsistent results when exporting when using the resizing options.
  • Increased the sensitivity with the Glow effect sliders.
  • Text letter spacing is now uniform instead of relative.
  • Fixed a crash when the machine's input sources changed.
  • Fixed issues with showing the insufficient graphics memory warning when it shouldn’t.
  • Fixed an issue with Pan being locked if Imerge is minimized or unfocused.
  • Improve layer handle selection when multiple layers overlap.
  • Fixed an issue when you attempted to paste too much text onto the canvas.
  • Fixed an issue that would remove keyboard focus when searching in the layer list.
  • Removed a 1-pixel border that was sometimes shown on the canvas.


Vegas Pro 19 [Build #458 / Update 3]

Vegas Pro 19 [Build #458]

New Features

  • A new transition type based on the GL Transitions Package offers around 50 modern, customizable transitions 
  • The option to save RAW companion files along with media files when creating a Project Archive  
  • GPU driver alerts 
  • Detect some media formats that are known to perform poorly during editing and display a message that encourages the user to transcode that media into a more edit-friendly format 
  • Access to the previously removed Smart Upscale plugin via the Deprecated Features tab in the Preferences dialog box 

Bug Fixes

  • Search in the Video FX, Transitions and Media Generators windows now shows the appropriate presets at all times 
  • Control focus issues in the Color Grading panel have been fixed 
  • Fixed syncing issues with VEGAS Content so downloaded content appears in the appropriate folder 
  • Selecting "Open Folder" in the Explorer pane now properly selects the target file in Windows Explorer 
  • Updated certain logging components that triggered a warning from some anti-virus software 
  • Can now correctly load MPEG-2 media with PCM audio in a MOV container 
  • Fixed an issue which caused the FX editor to move when being resized 
  • Fixed an issue which caused the Slow Motion plugin to overload some GPUs 
  • Some HEVC files from VEGAS Content which previously failed to load now work properly 
  • The Explorer pane now remembers the selected sorting order 
  • Moving the mouse wheel while controlling a color wheel in the Color Grading panel no longer incorrectly moves the Luminance slider at the same time 
  • Moving the mouse wheel in the Color Grading panel now shifts focus to the appropriate control 
  • VEGAS now appropriately closes the Color Grading panel when opening a different layout 
  • The Render As dialog now always opens with a template selected 
  • The Pan/Crop editor now opens with an appropriate zoom level 
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when clicking on the 360 tab in the Video FX window 
  • Style Transfer now works on TGS/DG1 GPUs 
  • Proper positioning of the transition times readout in an event when the event is out of sync with its corresponding audio or video 
  • Tiny Planet plugin now works properly as a Media FX and as a pre-Pan/Crop event effect 
  • Track numbers are now displayed when a track is minimized 
  • Track header burger menu options are now also available in the track header context menu 
  • VEGAS Pro now automatically detects Sound Forge Pro 15 and Sound Forge Audio Studio 15 and sets the one detected as the preferred audio editor


Vegas Pro 19 [Build #424 / Update 2]

Vegas Pro 19 [Build #424]

New Features

  • Added Optical Flow into the Warp Flow transition and Smart Split function
  • New menu option to Clear Dynamic RAM Preview memory
  • FX and Pan/Crop editor windows automatically resize when undocked
  • Added preview of selected colors in the Color Grading panel
  • Color grading panel now contains a region option when selecting a color
  • Instant access to the Selection Tool from the Normal Edit tool
  • Color Keys number pad support for adjustments in the Color Grading Panel
  • Fine mouse movements for the Color Grading Panel
  • Button display independence for Adjustment Tracks
  • Load text from Titles & Text events into Text to Speech
  • Hardware Acceleration for Upscale plugin
  • Hardware Acceleration for Colorization plugin
  • Hardware Acceleration for Style Transfer plugin
  • Support 5k and 8k render templates in all projects
  • Add a third model to Upscaler plugin for better use on blurry footage

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue in the Border FX allowing inappropriate background bleed-through when bevel is used
  • Driver update window now working appropriately for AMD GPUs
  • Sorting now working appropriately in the Hub Explorer
  • Redesigned the drawing of parts events on the timeline to avoid potential hangs and crashes
  • Improved speed of Hub actions
  • Fixed issue where editing on the timeline was slowed due to excessive number of Undo Events being generated
  • Tick marks now appear in the ruler area of FX keyframe timeline
  • Fixed crash that can occur when initializing the FX Plug-In Manager.
  • Replaced Mia voice with Sonia in Text to Speech
  • Fixed issue where Dynamic RAM Preview allocation is not being released during a render to an Audio only or Image Sequence format
  • Fixed crash in Scene Detection feature
  • Removed default layouts which would cause the UI to be in a bad state
  • Fixed issue which occurs when reading FCP X projects
  • Editing an empty video event in VEGAS Effects is now prevent, avoiding a crash
  • Fixed issue where the Titles and Text editor would float off the screen while editing text
  • Fixed and issue to prevent a crash on exit
  • Fixed crash when bringing focus back to VEGAS while editing a Nested Timeline
  • Motion transfer menu is now accessible if the FX editor is open for another event
  • Deleting a custom render template no longer removes all templates for that format from the Render As dialog UI.
  • Can now remove inserted Master Bus envelope settings from the Mixing Console window
  • Fixed crash or failure which may occur when trying to open the Hub Explorer or VEGAS Hub windows without an internet connection
  • Fixed issue where VEGAS can crash or hang when using unsupported Intel GPUs.
  • No longer crash when opening and closing the Hub Explorer window multiple times
  • Fix issue where embedded text data from Text-to-Speech generated audio events is not available if the event is split.
  • Most recently used files list no longer disappears after opening the preferences dialog
  • Crash that occurs when reading 16-bit grayscale images has been fixed
  • Trimming an event to zero length will now delete the event
  • Changing the zoom level on the Upscale plugin while replaying the video will no longer mangle the video preview
  • “Explore Containing Folder” command in the Explorer window will now select the appropriate file in the Windows Explorer
  • VEGAS Hub window appears properly now on first run of the application
  • MXF files with closed captioning now load correctly
  • Plugin window search now includes preset names


Vegas Pro 19 [Build #381 / Update 1]

Vegas Pro 19 [Build #381]

New Features

  • Update to OpenVino 1.4
  • Danish voice added to Text to Speech
  • Added a more accurate optical flow mode for the Slow Motion FX
  • Realtime Optical Flow for the Slow Motion FX

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed crash when undo is used on an Audio Effect during playback
  • Hub Explorer will now properly update after a VEGAS Hub download
  • Fixed crash on startup when Hub Window is open by default
  • Interacts for the Bezier Mask now work properly after motion analysis
  • Link in login error message for non-365 users is now clickable
  • Crash when dropping data from the Motion Tracking panel is fixed
  • Arrow keys now work properly in the FX Plugins windows
  • Fixed issue with the deactivation menu item and have now returned it to the Help menu
  • Waveforms for audio events on the timeline are visible
  • File Explorer will no longer crash when refreshing with no folder selected
  • Fixed crash that could occur when using the Upscaler plugin
  • UI corruption while editing has been resolved
  • Errors that may occur on some systems when attempting to burn a BluRay disc have been resolved
  • Problem where Pre-Render scrambles the image has been resolved
  • Made names of the Camera LUTs in the Color Grading panel more readable
  • Fixed issues discovered in beta testing of the Blackmagic RAW decoder
  • No error will now occur when importing an SRT subtitle file that has two consecutive empty lines
  • Line 255 no longer goes missing in the Histogram window
  • Artifacts are no longer left behind on the Vectorscope window
  • Issue with black frames when using HEVC media is resolved
  • Missing icons and keyframe symbols in the FX editor while in Light or White interface modes is now resolved
  • The Color Grading panel now properly invalidates pre-rendered parts of the timeline
  • Issues with the highlight and alignment of buttons in the Track Header have been resolved.
  • Correct icon is now being used for opening the Media Generator editor
  • Now using the proper file icons in the Project Media window when in List view
  • Reset of the Color Grading panel now properly resets the Look LUT
  • The timeline is put into focus after a Project Note is selected and the cursor is moved the associated timecode
  • The Auto Adjustments menu now indicates which preset is currently selected
  • Fixed orientation detection issues with some media
  • Fixed crash when reading MTS files with 5.1 LPCM audio
  • Issue where drag and drop does not work after a render has been resolved
  • Double clicking on the title bar of the Pan/Crop window when it is floating now works as expected
  • Properly scaled the fade handles, opacity handle and the loop notches for High DPI displays
  • Event buttons will no longer scroll off the right side of the timeline

Vegas Effects 3 [Version 3.0.11716.14403 / Update 1]

Vegas Effects 3 [Build #3.0.11716.14403]


  • This update includes improved support for Blackmagic RAW files and OFX plugin loading, along with other bug fixes.

Bug Fixes

  • All OFX plugins are loaded after deleting the OFX plugins cache folder.
  • Hardware decoding Blackmagic RAW files no longer shifts the colors.
  • Downsampling Blackmagic RAW files does not introduce artefacts.
  • Full Screen Preview updates render during playback.
  • Improved stability and render quality of timeline cache on Intel GPUs.
  • Text effect now renders correctly on Intel GPUs.
  • Pre-renders deleted via the Options dialog are now removed from disk as expected.
  • Reduced CPU usage when dynamic effect properties are displayed.


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