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VEGAS Pro 20 Update History

  • To find which build version for Vegas Pro you currently have installed, open Vegas and go to Help/About.
  • If you are using a different version of Vegas Pro or Vegas Movie Studio, you will find the latest updates here.
  • If you need to re-install Vegas Pro 12 or older, go to the Magix Download Center and enter your Serial number.
  • Vegas Edit 20 is the full version of Vegas Pro, just by itself.
  • Vegas Pro 20 comes with extra programs and uses the identical version of Vegas Pro that Vegas Edit 20 does.
  • Vegas Post 20 is the "hamburger with the lot" version of Vegas and comes with the same identical version of Vegas Pro, that both Vegas Edit 20 and Vegas Pro 20 uses.

Q: How to Download Vegas Pro 20?

You can download the latest build version for Vegas Pro, three different ways:

  1. Go to the MAGIX Download Center and enter your Serial Number.
  2. Use one of the Download Managers for the version of Vegas you own - this will also install any extras that come with your version of VEGAS.
  3. Use one of the direct build version links listed below.

VEGAS Download Managers

Press link and a new page will open.

Vegas Edit 20 Download Manager
Vegas Pro 20 Download Manager
Vegas Post 20 Download Manager

Direct Download links for Latest and Older Build Versions

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge users, please note!

Pressing direct download links will not work if using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, due to new security protocols.
You must right-click and select Save Link As. If a pop-up warning asks to Discard the file, press arrow and select Keep.
These are official MAGIX/VEGAS download links and are safe to download!

Vegas Pro 20 [Build #139 / Release version]

Vegas Pro 20 [Build #139]

Vegas Deep Learning Models 20 [Build #]

New Features

  • File Drop for fast collaboration
  • Automatic project collections
  • Local project archives
  • Speech to Text functionality, including automatic subtitle generation (official release - 365 subscribers only)
  • White Balance controls in the Color Grading Panel
  • Hue adjustment curves in the Color Grading Panel
  • VST3 support
  • VST 32-bit bridge
  • Optical Flow mode for Warp Flow and Smart Split
  • Real-time Optical Flow for the Slow Motion FX
  • Normalize button for events
  • Fade In/Out included in Paste Event Attributes
  • Automatic region creation in Scene Detection
  • Honeycomb and Color Planes presets for GL transitions
  • [VEGAS Stream] ATEM switcher support
  • [VEGAS Stream] Save to VEGAS Pro now organizes all assets in one folder
  • [VEGAS Stream] Double click a graphic to open it in Title Designer

What's New in VEGAS Pro 20

  • White balance controls: The White Balance controls in the Color Grading panel help you correct colors caused by light temperatures that weren’t accounted for in the camera during shooting. Different types of lights have different color temperatures with sunlight of around 5,700 Kalvin being used as a “natural-light” baseline target. The Temperature slider enables you to adjust your color temperature to more closely match sunlight so that whites really look white instead of having a color cast from incorrectly set color temperature. The Tint slider enables you to lighten or darken your colors by adding a magenta or green tint. The Color picker enables you to sample a neutral color (white or gray) and have the software apply an automatic temperature adjustment for you.
  • Hue vs. Hue color curve: This curve enables you to isolate a specific range of color (hues) in your video and change the hue of that range to a different hue. For example, if someone is wearing a blue shirt, you could isolate a range of blue hues and then adjust just that range of hues to a different hue value in order to change the color of the shirt without affecting any other colors in the video (although anything within that blue range will be affected, not just the shirt). This can be used for a drastic special effect such as this, or for more subtle color grading and correction that affects just a specific color range in your video.
  • VEGAS Hub mobile app: Upload media files directly from your mobile device into your VEGAS Hub cloud storage.
  • Automatic project collections: A Project collection organizes all of your project’s assets into a single view that you can easily access through the Hub Explorer window. These collections provide fast and easy access to all of your projects and their associated files. When you save your project, VEGAS Pro automatically creates a project collection, or updates your existing collection. You can then access the media within a project collection and use it in the same or a different project. You can upload your collections to your VEGAS Hub file storage to archive your projects and the associated media
  • File Drop: The File Drop feature enables you to quickly gather media for your project from collaborators no matter where you or they are located. It makes transferring files to the project’s editor very easy. With File Drop, you can invite anyone to upload files to your VEGAS Hub storage space and from there quickly download those files to your local drives so you can use them in your projects.
  • New VST 32-bit bridge (beta): The new improved VST 32-bit bridge allows legacy 32-bit VST plugins to be used within VEGAS (which requires 64-bit). This provides improved stability and performance of these legacy VST plug-ins.
  • VST3 support (beta): VST3 is the latest version of the VST standard for supporting audio plug-ins such as reverbs, delays, equalizers, and so on inside digital audio software. VEGAS Pro can now support VST3 audio plug-ins along with the VST2 plug-in support that it has supported in previous versions. Support for VST3 ensures that VEGAS Pro can work with the most modern VST audio plug-ins available.
  • New GL transitions: Two new transitions have been added: Honeycomb creates a honeycomb effect that transitions from one video to the next. Color Planes breaks the images into their RGB components, changes from the first image to the second, and then recombines the three color planes into one composite color image of the second video
  • Transition Progress envelopes with animation: The Transition Progress envelope enables the user to control the rate of a transition over time and animate the progress so that it goes fast, slower, or even in reverse. This gives the user power to create custom transition behavior and includes Bèzier curve tools for complete control over the rate of change between animation points along the curve.
  • Scene detection creates regions: The Scene Detection plug-in now features the ability to automatically create regions over the detected scenes of the clip inside a timeline clip event. These regions appear on the timeline and can be useful in a number of ways including as a mode of the Batch Render script to enable the user to quickly render individual files for each separate scene that has been detected.
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