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Update History for VEGAS Pro 21

Compatible with: VEGAS Pro Edit 21, VEGAS Pro Suite 21 & VEGAS Pro Post 21

  • VEGAS Pro Edit 21, VEGAS Pro Suite 21 and VEGAS Pro Post 21 (which includes VEGAS Effects & VEGAS Image), all use the same identical version of VEGAS Pro, which means all the build version updates listed below, will be compatible with the version of VEGAS Pro 21 you own.
  • To find which build version of Vegas Pro you currently have installed, open VEGAS Pro and go to Help/About.

How to Download Vegas Pro 21?

You can download the latest build version of Vegas Pro, three different ways:

  1. Go to the MAGIX Download Center and enter your Serial Number.
  2. Use one of the Download Manager/Installers for the version of Vegas Pro you own - this will also install any extras that come with your version of VEGAS.
  3. Use one of the build version download links listed below, which are hosted on the official MAGIX servers. They're legit!

VEGAS Download Managers

Select a download manager link and a new page will open for you:
Vegas Pro Edit 21 Download Manager
Vegas Pro Suite 21 Download Manager
Vegas Pro Post 21 Download Manager

Direct Download links for Latest and Older Build Versions

Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge users, please note!

Pressing direct download links will not work if using Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge, due to new security protocols.
You must right-click and select Save Link As. If a pop-up warning asks to Discard the file, press arrow and select Keep.
These are official MAGIX/VEGAS download links and are safe to download!

VEGAS Pro 21 New Features Help Document

Many users have asked for detailed help and descriptions of the new features made available for VEGAS Pro 21.

If you'd like to learn about the new features — download this document here.

This document is also available through the VEGAS Hub window inside the application.

Vegas Pro 21 [Build #187 / Update 1]

Download links

VEGAS Pro 21 [Build #187 / Update 1]

VEGAS Deep Learning Models [Build #21.1]

VEGAS Image 5.0.2

Known Issues

  • The Auto-update may stall if the update is triggered within VEGAS while the Welcome Screen is still open. If this occurs, you can cancel the installer and try the auto update again on a subsequent launch of VEGAS Pro and close the Welcome Screen before starting the update, or you may download the update via a direct link and install it manually.  
  • Blue and Red colors may be swapped in VEGAS Effects and HitFilm when using recent AMD Adrenalin drivers. It is recommended to revert the driver to version 23.7.2 to avoid this problem. 

New Features

  • AV1 decoding 
  • AV1 rendering 
  • New button to toggle the behavior of the spacebar during playback 
  • Add scripting access for Adjustment Events 
  • GPU support in the Offset and Wrap plugin 
  • Improve Smart Mask point generation to be more efficient 
  • Mocha Pro integration, matching Mocha VEGAS behavior 

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Automatically close the FX window when the last plugin is removed from the chain 
  • Starting VEGAS from a file that was removed from VEGAS Content will no longer cause a crash 
  • Updates and improvements for the MXHEVC Plugin 
  • Improvements for the update service 
  • Improvements to the Hub login for Text-to-Speech 
  • The navigation buttons in the Explorer window now work properly 
  • Added an email address field in the crash dialog 
  • Fixed a crash which may occur in the update service when VEGAS is opened and closed repeatedly 
  • Fixed sizing issues in the UI for some VST plugins 
  • Explorer window no longer glitches with the first media file selected 
  • Improvements to the Offset and Wrap plugin 
  • Improvements to the Mocha VEGAS exchange while creating Bézier masks 
  • Fixed crash which may occur when trying to add unsupported media after the hardware detection process fails 
  • Improvements to the OFX Interacts for third party plugins 
  • Fixed problem where OFX Interacts did not show up when Titles and Text is reopened 
  • Fixed problem in 2D parameters for OFX plugins where full range is not properly used 
  • Fixed Undo/Redo history problems with Mocha VEGAS 
  • Fixed a crash which may occur when using Shot Detection 
  • Fixed a crash which occurred when scrolling the horizontal or vertical scrollbars in some displays 
  • Custom templates in the ATRAC renderer now work as expected 
  • Added proper support for different pixel configurations in OFX plugins 
  • Alpha channel is now better handled in the Z-Depth plugin 
  • AC-3 files now will always import into VEGAS at their proper length 
  • Fixed a crash which may occur when reading some specific Go-Pro files 
  • Improve balance of performance and memory usage for some Intel CPU and GPU decoders 
  • Add support for UNIX style path names in the script API 
  • Fixed problem with proper color output from the REZup FX when it is placed before Pan/Crop in the plugin chain 
  • Now properly support all media with MPEG audio 
  • Improved performance and responsiveness of VST plugins when editing envelopes 
  • Resizable VST plugins now fill the entire FX window when it is being resized 
  • Fixed long delay on startup which may occur on some systems 
  • Fixed crash which may occur when building an audio FX chain 
  • Fixed crash which could occur when initializing the VEGAS Hub window 
  • Fixed crash that may occur in the plugin windows when rendering preview thumbnails for an effect 
  • Support for MKV files 
  • Fixed synchronization error which may occur when using some eFX plugins 
  • ProRes renders no longer have one of row and column of missing pixels 
  • Removed some AC3 templates that have not been supported for several years 
  • Fixed some display issues in the Update dialog when it opens on some High DPI monitors 
  • Preset label is now properly placed in High DPI environments 
  • UI improvements in the Mixing Console to display better in High DPI environments 
  • Fixed incorrect aspect ratio with some rendered ProRes files 
  • Automatically set Alpha Channel settings properly when an alpha channel is detected for PNG files 
  • Fixed the Min/Max range for the Beauty Box OFX plugin 
  • Fixed problem where blue mask outlines disappear when performing an Undo after a Create Mask operation 
  • Better handling of alpha background by Adjustment Events 
  • Improved Keyframe interpolation for the Z-Depth plugin 
  • Corrected some improper color conversion for some media 
  • Track headers for audio tracks now properly show "In" and "Out" in High DPI environments 
  • Improved Slow Motion OFX plugin 
  • Fixed potential freeze or crash in the MP3 plugin 
  • Fixed crash which may occur when using the color corrector plugin 
  • Fixed display problem with OFX plugins that contain a 2D position parameter 
  • Changed the Preview Transport toolbar to include the Loop Playback button by default 
  • Editing with the Credit Roll plugin will no longer cause a hang 
  • Fixed issues with aspect ratio handling in the HEVC reader 
  • Undo in Smart Mask will no longer cause the application to hang 
  • Improvements for to the MXF reader to support a larger variety of files of this format 
  • Fixed resource leak related to UI assets 
  • Fixed crash which may occur for project file names which are very long 
  • Fixed High DPI display issues in the Audio FX window 
  • Auto Contrast function in the Color Grading panel no longer causes a crash 
  • Fixed UI problems in the VST Preferences window in localized versions 
  • Improved handling of MPEG media 
  • Fix crash which occurred when using Color Match plugin 
  • Now properly read Panasonic PX 270 camera MXF files 
  • Improved hardware selection for decoding 
  • Fix performance degradation associated with using the Color Grading Panel 
  • Improved download experience for VEGAS Content 
  • Wormhole VST now works properly in VEGAS 
  • Fixed crash caused by saving pre-rendered files to an invalid path 
  • Fixed a hang issue with the Nectar 3 Elements plugin 
  • Fixed Glitch with the Temperature slider in the White Balance controls on the Color Grading Panel 
  • Driver update utility now properly sees NVidia RTX 4000 series cards 
  • The Adjustment Event context menu now contains only options which are actually available for these type of events 
  • Fixed problem which causes Red and Blue to be swapped on AMD GPUs using recent drivers 
  • Fixed problem where some events will have a loud audio error in the final few frames
  • VEGAS Image 5 (VEGAS Pro Post only)
    • This update #5.0.2 will fix a crash which may occur while editing paths


Vegas Pro 21 [Build #108 / Release version]

Download links

VEGAS Pro 21 [Build #108] multi-language installer

VEGAS Deep Learning Models 21 [Build #]

VEGAS Effects

VEGAS Image 5.0.0


New Features

  • VEGAS Z-Depth OFX plug-in and compositor 
  • Adjustment events 
  • Offset and Wrap OFX plug-in 
  • Smart Masking 
  • Mocha VEGAS 
  • Cloud-based text to speech (365 only)
  • Quick Upload (365 only)
  • Online Help 
  • New GL Transitions 
  • Improved Button icons 
  • VEGAS Content improvements (365 only)
  • VEGAS Effects 5 (VEGAS Pro Post only)
    • Proxy down sampling is now factored into viewer down sampling.
    • Text can now include a solid color background behind it.
    • Hardware decoding and encoding on Intel Iris Xe Max is now disabled due to driver issues
    • VEGAS Effects 5 now integrates with VEGAS Pro 21
    • You can now triple-click on text to select an entire line.
    • New presets in the Vector Stroke effect make use of improvements to the effect.
    • New Start Shapes and End shapes are available in the Vector Stroke effect.
    • New Taper Controls in the Vector Stroke effect allow the stroke to be tapered along the length of the path.
    • An improved color picker has been implemented.

Known Issues

  • The "Login" button on the Text-to-Speech page is not functional when the VEGAS Hub window is open. The toolbar Hub Login button should be used instead. 
  • Some systems may exhibit a very long launch time upon opening VEGAS Pro 21 after installing the Deep Learning Models. 
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