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Would you like to have a life changing experience for your Ears ?
Then throw away your earbuds and try some Koss KSC75 over the ear Headphones.

If the answer is yes, you love music and you use an MP3 Player or iPod on a regular basis, then please try a pair of these fantastic Koss KSC75 "over the ear" style Headphones. These headphones deliver a far superior sound quality compared to the standard "earbud" style headphones that normally come packaged with every new MP3 Player. The Bass response is where you will notice the first big difference with these little beauties. Most likely the second thing you will hear is a far bigger dynamic range with the sound - basically your music will suddenly sound very clear, open and spacious. No more murky underwater sound effects or tinnie ear-piercing highs that sound like their tearing your eardrums in half.

To make sure you get to hear the absolute best out of these headphones, please learn how to set the Graphic Equalizer and Bass Boost settings for your MP3 player or iPod. Most good quality music players should have one or two of these features buried somewhere in the menus. Have a good look or view your online manual to find out where these settings are. By default most players are set to a Flat EQ setting - which is pretty ordinary. Set it to something like Rock, Pop or New Age and you will hear a difference straight away. Get fully adventurous and have a go at setting the EQ Manually yourself - as a rough guide try creating a nice broad dish shape with the levels so that the left and right ends come up slightly and the middle is left fairly untouched.

If you haven't already guessed by now, I am an audiophile. I have been obsessed with finding great speakers for all occasions all my life. If you really want to hear your music sound the way it was meant to, then investing in the right speakers or headphones for the job is essential. So many people just accept their tiny little earbuds as the way music on the go is meant to sound - not realizing that there are very affordable alternatives that will bring their favorite music to life.

I have been using the Koss KSC75 Headphones for over four years now. Recently I just bought my third pair, because I keep wearing these headphones out with 365 days a year usage. They are very robust headphones, but as you would appreciate headphones and MP3 Players have a habit of dropping out of your pocket or getting tangled up with the end of the cord snapping like a bungey cord stretched one too many times.

These headphones retail between $30-$50 depending on where you look and live. Whatever price you end up paying, it will be worth it - trust me.
Happy Listening :)



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