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In this video tutorial a show you how to set up Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11 to Render 360p 16:9 Widescreen SD (Standard Definition) Video for YouTube.

Creating a 360p Video is best suited for anyone who is shooting with an older style Standard Definition Video Camera.

To get your 360p Widescreen Video looking fantastic there are two steps involved:

Firstly you have to set your Project Property Settings correctly. Many Video Cameras or DSLR Cameras all shoot with different settings - like different frame rates and whether it is Progressive or Interlaced Video. It is important to know where you want your finished product to be displayed, because this determines which settings you choose in the Project Properties.

Secondly you have to create a Rendering Template to match your Project Properties. Vegas gives you many great templates with which to work with, but a few settings may need to be tweaked to get the best look. Follow along with my video tutorial and you can't go wrong.

These instructions are specifically for Version 11 users of Vegas Movie Studio, because the rendering screen is displayed differently in this version compared to V10 and V9.

Follow this link to my older tutorial on how to Render 360p Video if you are using Vegas Movie Studio Version 10 and 9:
How to Render 360p 16:9 Widescreen Video for YouTube using Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 10


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