This is Sony Vegas Zen Tips #1, a new video series where I will be sharing solutions to the most frequently asked questions on Movie Studio Zen, about Sony Vegas and Movie Studio.

Every day for the next 21 days, I will be uploading a new video. If you have been using Sony Vegas or Movie Studio for a long time, you will most likely already know most of what I am about to share. However, if you are a beginner to intermediate user, I guarantee you will learn a thing or two over the next couple of weeks. I also would love to hear from you, if you have a good tip that you think would be worth sharing or if there is a particular topic you would like Movie Studio Zen to explore more deeply.

Why do my videos look so blurry after I have rendered them?

When I played them back straight out of the camera, they look nice and sharp, but now that I have rendered them, they look just terrible.

Any experienced user of Sony Software will probably know the answer to this question already. By default, both Vegas Pro and Movie Studio Platinum, have a setting called Smart Re-sampling applied to all videos imported to the timeline.
Re-sampling is meant to be applied when any video files in the project are using a frame rate that is lower than the Projects Frame rate.

For most every day videos, leaving Smart Re-sampling turned on, makes no real quality difference to the end product.
However, if your videos contain lots of fast moving action, you will probably see a lot of Motion Blur in the final video, due to this re-sampling effect being applied.

If you don’t like this look, you can turn it off and then your final video will look a lot sharper and cleaner. Most experienced users of Sony Vegas and Movie Studio, turn re-sampling off for all their projects. Watch the video right now, and I will show you how you can fix this with just a few clicks.

zen tips 1 001


The information in this tutorial applies to all versions of Sony Vegas Pro and Sony Movie Studio Platinum.


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    Magnus Rasmussen · 17:50 08/07/2017
    Hello, and thanks for making the tutorial!
    I'm using Movie Studio 13 (not platinum), and it does not work the way you showed it in the video...
    Is there any way I can fix the problem? My video just tends to get kind of blurry when i render it, though the raw footage with my canon 750d looks sharper.
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    • Member
    · 09:02 11/03/2016
    Great idea Derek - Sony Vegas Zen tips certainly is worth doing. Many of our members have ideas they might like to share also and this will be most useful! Hope it takes of and creates a lot of interest. I have no issues with your style of presentation.
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    Eagle Six
    • Member
    · 03:51 11/03/2016
    Great job Derek, I think your Tip videos will be a big hit.

    Best Regards....George
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      • Moderator
      · 17:35 11/03/2016
      YouTube contacted me a few months ago and invited certain channels to participate in a private study group via Google Hangouts. So I now have a direct contact with an actual human being at YouTube. I am looking at every single element of my YouTube channel and website and taking a new fresh approach. This video series is putting into practice what YouTube has been teaching us.
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    Donald Stone · 23:59 10/03/2016
    Hi Derek,
    Nice job on the tutorial..I am excited to receive your new tips. Right off the bat, I find the background music very distracting making it difficult for me to follow along with your teaching. In all fairness, I have a hearing problem and I use hearing aides which may be part of my problem, but without the background music I would be able to comprehend your message much better. Appreciate your hard work very much
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      • Moderator
      · 03:26 11/03/2016
      Many people have all complained about my use of music in these 3 new videos - something which I normally do not do. If you are listening with only laptop speakers, I would advise buying some headphones or external speakers.
      [b]I will be making some adjustments in the next videos to make the actual dialogue clearer.
      Thank you.[/b]

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