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In this tutorial I will show you how to set your Project Properties and Render Settings for making 1080p HD Video, using Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 64 bit Edition.

In a similar tutorial to this one about Rendering 720p HD Video, I discussed in more depth the new changes to Movie Studio Platinum 12 and how they effect rendering. So instead of repeating the exact same thing all over again in this tutorial, I suggest you may like to have a quick read of How to Render 720p Video using Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12, if you haven't already done so.

Setting your Project Properties for 1080p

Unlike 720p video, 1080x1920 HD Video can be recorded in either Interlaced or Progressive Style.

Most conventional Video Cameras still shoot at 1080-60i (NTSC) or 1080-50i (PAL). Which means you are actually recording 30 or 25 "even" lines of video and 30 or 25 "odd" lines of video. The two Interlaced Frames of video play one after the other and create the illusion of a solid picture.

Newer cameras like some DSLR cameras or the popular GoPro cameras, can shoot in true Progressive style at 1080-30p or 1080-25p. Which means they create video exactly like conventional Film that you see at the cinema. Each frame is made of a complete solid image.

So why am I telling you this ?

Basically you can set your Project Properties to match exactly what your video was shot in. However, once get to the rendering stage, you have to make an important descision. If your Video is going to be shown on a computer only or uploaded to the Internet and put on YouTube, you must convert/render it as Progressive Scan video. Interlaced video is only designed to be shown on TV screens.

Render Settings

1080p video can be rendered using the exact same Video Codecs that 720p video uses. So if you have a decent Graphics Card that is compatible with Movie Studio Platinum 12, and would like to speed up your rendering times, you can use GPU Rendering in the Mainconcept AVC/AAC .mp4 Internet HD 1080p template.

Please watch the tutorial video below for full instructions on how to do this.


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