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In this video tutorial I introduce the new features and tools that are now in Sony Vegas Pro 11, including the new GPU (Graphics Card) Acceleration integration.

  • GPU Acceleration
  • New Blue Titler Pro
  • New Titles and Text Media Generator
  • Improved Pro Type Titler
  • Improved Render As Window

*Video tutorial at bottom of article

GPU Acceleration
Rendering and Preview Window Performance

The biggest change to Sony Vegas Pro 11 is the addition of GPU Acceleration to the Rendering Engine and also the Preview Display Window. One of the biggest problems that all video editors have had to live with since the dawn of time, is lag in the preview window. Not being able to see your project playback smoothly while editing can be very annoying indeed. So the Sony Creative Software engineers have finally linked your Graphics Processing Unit "GPU" to the Preview Window to create a much more usable experience.

When you go to render your project now, you can also access the processing power of your GPU to speed up your rendering times quite significantly. However this feature is only available for the Sony AVC/MVC (.mp4) and Mainconcept AVC/AAC (.mp4) templates at this stage.

Compatible Graphics Card and Latest Drivers

In order to utilize the new GPU Acceleration features you will need to have a compatible Graphics Card installed and make sure you are running the latest drivers. If you go to the Sony Creative Software website, they have an article explaining which GPU's and Drivers are compatible with GPU Acceleration.

New Blue Titler Pro

The New Blue Titler Pro is an absolutely brilliant addition to Sony Vegas Pro 11 because you are getting a program worth $300 for free when you buy Sony Vegas Pro 11. This 3rd Party Plugin gives you the ability to create truly amazing 3D Titles and Graphics that will make all your projects look incredibly professional and stunning. The program is 100% customizable, meaning you can use keyframes to animate vitually every component. You can also take advantage of extra New Blue Fx bundles like Motion Effects and Motion Blends to add even more bling to your Titles.


New Titles and Text Generator

Sony Vegas Pro 11 now comes with a completely new stock standard Titles and Text Generator Tool. What I love about this new addition is that it comes with a healthy selection of pre-made Templates fall of Animated Title Effects. So if you need to knock up a very quick project due to time limits, you can simply drop an Animated Template onto the timline and just edit the text - then your finished. No need to worry about keyframing at all.



Pro Type Titler

Before the New Blue Titler Pro arrived, most people relied on the Pro Type Titler to create professional Text and Title Effects. Well the Pro Type Titler has not been ditched or forgotten because it has been given a bit of a make over. The Pro Type Titler is not for the feint hearted or impatient - it does require quite a bit of time to become familiar with, however if you can stay at it the results are well worth it.


Render As Window

The "Render As" window has had a significant make over. It now gives you the ability to filter out the type of templates that would be most appropriate for your project. So if you are only looking to render to an Audio Format, then you can make the Video Templates disappear. If you are only looking for templates that render to a particular frame rate or frame size, you can also just select them. I think this new window will be of most help to brand new users of Sony Vegas Pro.


Make sure you have the latest build installed !

Please make sure you are always using the very latest Build Version of Sony Vegas Pro. I have noticed over the last 12 months that Sony Creative Software is becoming far more diligent in staying on top of bugs that are discovered in any version of all their software range.

Since Sony Vegas Pro 11 was released there have been numerous and regular program updates. If you have registered your software correctly, then you should already be receiving automatic program update notifications. However, I still think it is worth checking manually ever now and then. Remember to download both the 32 bit and 64 bit versions.

Here is the link to the Sony Vegas Pro 11 update page:

Buy the latest version of Vegas Pro here !

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