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Today’s #6 Sony Vegas Zen Tip is all about how to synchronize separate Audio and Video files that were recorded using different devices.

In a more professional workflow, it is not uncommon that you may need to record your Video and Audio with separate devices. Every movie that has ever been made, has most likely used this technique. This is the same method I use to record all my face to face videos with you. It does take a lot of extra work to set up, however the benefits of having better quality audio are definitely worth it.

Camera and Audio Recording Equipment

I use a Sony A7s camera to record all my video and also have a Rode Video Mic Pro plugged into the microphone jack. However the audio captured by this microphone is not what you are listening to. The actual audio that you hear in the video, is being recorded separately into a Zoom H6 Audio Recorder using a Rode Lavalier Microphone . Because I’m in a room that has a bit of echo, this close up mic is much better to use than a mic 2 metres away on a camera.

The difficulty with this recording technique, is that you need to synchronize the good audio recorded into the Zoom H6 audio recorder, with the video recorded in camera. However, it is not that difficult at all if you use the correct method and create good sync points in the original files. On a professional film shoot they use a clapper board to create a time and audio sync point at the beginning of each take, which becomes a visual and audio reference used by the editor in post production.

How to Create Visual and Audio Sync Points

In a home studio setup, you can clap your hands 3 times to camera, after you have started the Audio recorder and Video camera. It’s very important to always remember to turn both devices on, otherwise you may be headed to the hospital after overdosing with Xanax due to an extreme freak out anxiety attack. There's nothing worse than doing a really good take on camera and then discovering later that you forgot to press record on the audio recorder.

Syncing Audio and Video in Vegas Pro With Plural Eyes

When you import the Video and Audio files into Sony Vegas Pro or Movie Studio Platinum, you will now see the 3 claps as large peaks in the Audio Waveform. This is what you are going to use, to sync the audio perfectly. There is also an amazing piece of software called Plural Eyes, that will auto-magically do all the syncing for you.

Watch this video now and I will show you exactly what do.


The information in this tutorial applies to all versions of Sony Vegas Pro and Sony Movie Studio Platinum.


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VEGAS Pro 21 - On Sale Now!



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