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This tutorial is for people using a Canon Standard Definition Video Camera who would like to learn how to download the video files so that the Meta Data is retained.

I have found that it is better to use the Imagemixer Software that comes with the camera to download your videos into your computer, because it converts the raw MOD files from the camera into MPEG2 - which is a far friendly format to use when playing back and editing. By using the software, all your meta data is also preserved which makes it a lot easier to keep track of when your video was shot.

Trying to work with MOD files, is NOT the way you should be doing it. It will make things far more difficult for you when it comes to editng the video. Quite often if you just drag the raw MOD files from the camera into your computer, you will loose the correct Aspect Ratio the video was shot in.

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    Rob Sears · 06:36 11/04/2015
    Hi Derek. I would like to thank you for the video. I thought that image mixer was kind of Mickey Mouse, but you have proven me wrong. Thanks. What I would like to know is if it is possible to transfer my movies from my pc to a new iMac I just bought. I would appreciate any info at all. I am not very computer literate, so don't use to many technical terms. Thanks greatly in advance. Rob.
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      · 21:43 13/04/2015
      Please reply to comments only on the website in future. You replied to the notification email which had a BIG MESSAGE AT THE TOP explaining to not reply via email. Keep all the replies flowing one after the other on the website and then it is easy to follow the replies.

      I found this article on the Apple website which you should read.
      It explains all the different ways you transfer data between a PC and Mac.
      I totally forgot about Macs doing things a bit differently. I do not own a Mac, so I'm not the best to person to ask about this. It would make sense to get an External Hard Drive that is formatted for a Mac.
      The article from Apple mentions connecting both computers via an Ethernet cable. This is the same type of cable that you can connect a laptop to a modem with. If it works, this could be a fast option.

      I also found a rough tutorial on YouTube which explains all the steps.

      Make sure your Ext.Hard Drive is connected to iMac.
      Connect both machines via Ethernet cable - you may have a spare one that came with your modem or borrow one in use now.
      Follow instructions from video tutorial and you should be able to drag and drop files direct from PC into Mac and/or Hard Drive.

      All the best.

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