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If you are not receiving Emails from Movie Studio Zen then one of the following things is occurring:

1. Emails have been caught in your Local Spam or Junk Mail Folders.

2. Your Inbox is Full and cannot receive anymore mail.

3. Your Email Service Provider has an overly aggressive Spam Filter and is blocking ALL Email from Movie Studio Zen.

4. Your Email Service Provider is deliberately delaying the delivery of emails by "temporarily rejecting" the email - this is called "grey listing".

5. Your Email Service Provider or Movie Studio Zen's Email Service Provider is temporarily down.

When you fill out the User Registration Form and press "Register", a confirmation email with a link to verfiy your application is sent out immediately - there is no delay. So if you don't receive an automated email from Movie Studio Zen after registering, then one of the five scenarios above has occurred.


1. Check your Spam and/or Junk Email folders.

2. Your Inbox is Full

If your Inbox is FULL, any messages I may send to you will never be received. Once anyone's Inbox is FULL, it is impossible for new email to be received by your Inbox. Most email clients have a LIMIT in MegaBytes to the size of your Inbox. So you must continually clean out your Inbox and move old emails into other folders or delete old messages permamently. If you have many emails with large attatchments like photos, then these will fill up your Inbox very quickly.

Emptying your Inbox immediately is the only remedy !

3. Your Email Service Provider is blocking ALL Movie Studio Zen email

On rare occasions, particular Email Service Providers use overly aggressive Spam Filters which will block Movie Studio Zen emails permanently and you will never get to see it ! When this situation has occurred in the past, I get emails from you, but I cannot send emails back to you !

The one email service provider that definitely has been doing this to ALL Movie Studio Zen email is a service called Road Runner. There may also be others. Sometimes it can take days for an automated Non-Delivery message to come back to me, which keeps both of us in the dark.

I always answer ALL email that is sent to me. So if you send me an email telling me that you are NOT receiving any emails, then YOU MUST use a different email address to message me, so that I can reply to you. If you use the same email address that is being blocked, then it becomes impossible for me to ever communicate with you. Gmail is the most reliable of all the email service providers.

4. Email is being delayed

There is nothing that can be done. If the email is being delayed, it will normally turn up in a few hours or days. This is totally out of the control of either you or I.

5. Email Server is down

On extremely rare occasions Email Servers may go down (could be my email service or yours) which would then cause messages to bank up and delivery to be delayed.



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