Hello and welcome to the Movie Studio Zen Forum. Below are answers to many Frequently Asked Questions from new forum members.

1. Press LOG IN button.
2. Select Create an account at bottom of Login box.
3. Please note you must confirm your new account via an activation link, in an email that will be sent to you. Only after doing this, can you login to the MSZ Forum!

PLEASE NOTE: The first message you post on the forum will be placed in moderation and will need to be approved by the Forum Moderator, before it will show publicly. There is no need to re-post your first message if you do not see it. Be patient and wait at least 24 hours. Thank you.

I just created a New Account and was sent here
You can Login right now! Don't forget to read some of the handy tips below before you start posting messages on the forum.

How do I become a member of the MSZ Forum?
If you haven't created a new account yet, press the Login button and then select Create an Account.

I have forgotten my login details ?
If you have forgotten your login details, you can reset them automatically.
Press Return to MSZ website, the go to the Support Menu, where you will find links for resetting your Password or remembering your User Name.

Don't use your Email Address as your User Name!
If you just created a new account and set your User Name as your Email Address, this is a very bad idea!!!
You should never make your private email address public on a Forum, because Spammers will grab hold of it and send you garbage emails.
I highly recommend you change your User Name to something different like Charlie123.
You can easily change your user name by logging in and then going to Support/Edit User Profile.

Please do not post Spam/Junk Messages
I have a zero tolerance policy for anyone who posts Spam messages on the Forum. If you post a message that has nothing to do with the content on this website like Movie Reviews, links to unrelated products and offensive material, your account will be closed immediately and your I.P. address will be blocked for life.

It is perfectly OK to share your interests in the Community Sub-Forums and introduce yourself to other members here.
It is perfectly OK to share links from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, Twitter, etc...
When you post a link to a video in the forum, it will automatically embed as a Video Player for you.

Creating your First Forum Post
Spammers like to create fake accounts on Forums and post garbage messages. Because of this phenomena, your first message will contain a Captcha puzzle that needs to be solved at the bottom of the screen. Read this Help article if you are unsure about how to solve a Captcha puzzle.

Your first message will also be checked by the Moderator before it actually is made public the Forum.
If you cannot see your first message after you create it, this is normal! You don't need to post the message a second time!
Once I know that you are a genuine person that actually would like some help, you will be free to post messages as often as you like with no restrictions.

How to Edit my Forum User Profile and Customize my Forum Settings ?
Select Profile from the Forum Menu options and then press the EDIT button located near right side of screen.
There are 4 menu options - User Account, Profile Information, Avatar Image and Forum Settings.

User Account
You can Edit User Information here and also set your own Time Zone
The Movie Studio Zen Forum has members from all time zones in the world. So that you can keep track of when forum posts have been made, you can set the Forum to display in Your Time Zone.

Profile Information
You can Edit Profile Information here.
Personal Text is a small saying/greeting that will appear underneath your Profile Picture in the left side column of forum.
Signature will appear at the bottom of every message you post on the forum.

How do I upload an Avatar Thumbnail and Edit my Forum Profile ?
Read this article:
How to add a Thumbnail Picture to your Profile ?

Forum Settings
Here you can personalize some more forum settings.

Can I upload pictures, screen shots and files to the Forum ?
Yes you can !
When uploading files to the Forum, there are some constraints.
Images can be up to 1920 px high x 1280 px wide with a maximum file size of 1000 kB (1 MB).
If any of your images are above 1000 kB (1MB), you will have to compress them first before attempting to upload. If you do try to upload an image above 1000 kB (1 MB) it will fail.
.jpg, .jpeg, .png and .gif are supported

Files can also be uploaded with a maximum size of 3000 kB (3 MB).
It is OK to upload Movie Studio .vf project files and Vegas Pro .veg project files.
All of the following file types are supported txt, rtf, pdf, zip, tar.gz, tgz, tar.bz2, veg, vf, dar

How can I take a screen shot of Vegas/Movie Studio, so I can show you my problem ?
Follow this link for instructions:
How to take a screen shot of your desktop and upload to forum ?

The Website, Forum and Search Results are not displaying correctly ?
If you try and view this website with an Ad-Blocker turned on, some of the pages may not display properly. An example of this is the Search Function. Turn Ad-Blocker off or use a different web browser if you want this website and forum to work correctly!

I live in Australia in the Sydney Time Zone which is +10 Hours GMT (London) and -8 Hours UTC (Los Angeles). So you should be able to work out when I am more likely to be on-line in real time.
I am a night owl, so my hours of operation are quite extensive !

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