Learn all about Settings, Keyboard Short Cuts, Tools, Functions and how to start Editing video, using (Magix) Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 14 video editing software.

This is the perfect first tutorial to watch, if you have just purchased Vegas Movie Studio 14 Platinum and are officially feeling overwhelmed and freaking out quite a lot! In this tutorial I teach you how to use all the most common editing tools and functions in the program. I also explain the full workflow for making a project from the very beginning, right to the end.

This is one of those tutorials where it is far better to simply watch the video than read confusing explanations in a written article, so I recommend you make a cup of tea or crack open some beers and enjoy this lengthy jam packed video tutorial. If you have any questions afterwards, post a friendly comment below or go to the Movie Studio Zen Forum and post your questions there. The MSZ Forum is a better place to ask questions, if you have something more complicated to explain. On the forum, you can upload screen shots to better explain any problem you may be experiencing.

Topics Covered in this Beginners Guide Tutorial

    • How to Customize Important Settings, for better editing performance.
    • How to Start a New Project
    • How to Organise your Media Files
    • How to Set your Project Video Properties
    • Understanding Different/Older Video Formats and Settings
    • How to Manually Set your Project Properties
    • How to Create and Save a Custom Template
    • How to Import your Videos and Media Files
    • How to use the most popular Editing Tools and Functions
    • Explanation of New Timeline Tools
    • How to Create Fades and Transitions
    • How to use Event Pan/Crop Tool for Zooming and Cropping
    • How to use the Track Motion Tool to create Picture in Picture FX
    • How to add Titles and Text
    • How to Render your Videos
    • How to Upload a Video to YouTube

Which Video Region do you live in ?

You need to tell Vegas Movie Studio which region you live in or what type of camera you use. There are three main video systems being used on Planet Earth - NTSC, PAL and SECAM. If you are un-sure as to which system your country/region uses, then please refer to this excellent map on Wikipedia.


Please note that if you are in a SECAM country, you can also use the PAL System. So always choose PAL in Movie Studio settings.

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    Guy Martin · 04:44 16/01/2018
    Not able to download it always ask me to change my profile
    • Your comment will be reviewed by a moderator before it is published on the site.
      • Moderator
      · 09:32 16/01/2018
      I can only assume your are talking about the Vegas Keyboard Shortcuts Guides?
      I looked up your email address and can see you already attempted to download the guide on the 10th of December 2017. You can't register the same email address a 2nd time, that's why you are getting this message.
      I will send a private email to you with a copy of the guides.
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    vonsyld · 05:14 30/12/2017
    I run with movie studio Platinum 14. when i make video
    but now I have a problem
    There are some elements that do not know if it's called it.
    but they may be stuck but now I can move on and they do not want to be here they are stuck
    someone who can tell me how.
    have windows 10 as a control system view the picture of my problem
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      • Moderator
      · 10:04 30/12/2017
      You asked the same question on Facebook.
      I will answer on FB.
  • Your comment will be reviewed by a moderator before it is published on the site.
    FayFen · 02:17 30/09/2017
    Hi, thank you for the video. One correction. using SHIFT or CTRL are not the same thing while making a selection in any windows software. Holding CTRL alow one to select any items as a group , holding SHIFT alow one to select consecutive items (from first to last)

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