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In this tutorial I am going to show you how to Import an Old Project made with an older version of Vegas Pro or Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum.

Then how to Re-Save it in the New Project Folder for the New Version of Vegas you have just installed. I am also going to show you what happens when Media Files go missing and Vegas cannot load your old project properly into your Newer Version of Vegas.

Please note that this is not something that you really need to do unless you are working on an existing older project using your newly installed version of Vegas.

Searching for Lost Files

Poor file management can lead to mass confusion when using any version of Vegas. If you move folders around on your computer and forget that there are media files in these folders that are being used in Old or New Vegas Projects, then next time you Open these projects up, you will discover that you have missing files.

When this happens, Vegas cannot load up your project until you have found the new location of your files. Fortunately Vegas has an inbuilt Search Wizard which will help you locate any missing files. Once all these files have been found, you then need to RE-SAVE the project immediately so that the new file locations are locked in. The reason why I have just rambled on about this topic, is because it is not uncommon for this scenario to occur when Transferring Old Projects into a New Project Folder - especially when you buy or build a new computer and start transferring all your old files onto new hard drives.

I have another FAQ article which shows in more detail how to find your missing files here:
How to find Missing Media Files for my Vegas Projects ?


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    aaron · 02:40 08/06/2015
    If I have old projects made in vegas PRO 9, will I be able to open them in vegas EDIT 13?

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      • Member
      • Moderator
      · 15:35 08/06/2015
      Hi Aaron
      Vegas Pro is forwards compatible, so you should be able to do this, however there are many variables.
      Vegas Pro 9 could be used as the 32bit version or 64bit version. Vegas Pro 13 Edit is only a 64bit program now.
      So if your older projects were made with the 32bit version, any Video Fx you used will all be coded using 32bit programming. This probably won't work in the 64bit version.
      You should be able to get core part of projects to open, but you will then have to manually replace Video Fx to newer 64bit versions.

      You can download the free trial and test it out yourself.

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