The New Blue Fx Titler Pro 1.0 gives you the ability to create professional looking Titles and Text for any video project.

New Blue Fx Titler Pro 1.0 comes standard with both Sony Vegas Pro 11 and Sony Vegas Pro 12.
Using this program you can apply Styles, Video Fx, Animations and Transitions to your Text. You can also extrude text with this program, which means you can create realistic looking 3D "3 dimensional" styled text to create real impact in a video.

Differences between all versions of the New Blue Titler

There are three different versions of the New Blue Titler, which are made by

  • New Blue Titler EX - for Movie Studio Platinum Suite and Imagination Studio
  • New Blue Titler Pro 1.0 - for Vegas Pro
  • New Blue Titler Pro 2.0 - works in both Movie Studio and Vegas Pro

I have already produced an article and tutorial showing how to use the New Blue Titler EX. This version is the most basic out of all three versions and is for Sony Movie Studio Platinum users. Please follow this link now if you wish to learn about this version:
New Blue Titler EX for Sony Movie Studio Platinum 12 Suite 

The main difference between Titler EX and Titler Pro 1.0, is that the Pro 1.0 version allows you to keyframe (animate) most of the major controls and effects. Which means you can manually control the movement of individual letters, words and paragraphs to create a truly original production.

Titler Pro 2.0 is the newest version in the lineup and offers an amazing array of specialized controls and features. In my opinion, this version of the Titler program is infinitely superior to the other two versions. I will be making some new tutorials about Titler Pro 2.0 in the coming weeks, so stay tuned for some very cool and creative tutorials.

Screen Shots from New Blue Fx Titler Pro 1.0

NB Titler Pro 1.0 Main User InterfaceNB Titler Pro 1.0 Main User Interface

NB Titler Pro 1.0 Library of EffectsNB Titler Pro 1.0 Library of Effects

NB Titler Pro 1.0 StylesNB Titler Pro 1.0 Styles


Buy the latest version of Vegas Pro here !


If you already own an older version of Vegas Pro, you can purchase a discounted upgrade via this link.



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