Q: Why does Sony Vegas Pro and Movie Studio crash when I try to Import a Video ?

Answer: There is no easy way to answer this question and one particular sized shoe definitely will not fit everyone in regards to the solutions. The only way I can enlighten you about this error, is to ask some questions and give you some tips. Hopefully you can then narrow down which element is the problem child.

Do you know which Video Codec/Format the Video is in ?

The number one cause of failure to import video is due to non-compatible video codecs with Vegas Pro or Movie Studio. Vegas Pro and Movie Studio do not support every video codec in the known Universe. The main reason is because many specialized video codecs have licensing fees attatched to them. If Vegas supported every video codec, it would add greatly to the cost of the software. There are two solutions to this problem.

#1 Convert your video into a Vegas friendly codec/format.

#2 Record your original videos using a different codec/format.

Click here for another article which explains more about which codecs/formats Vegas Pro and Movie Studio support.
Do you know why I can't Import some .avi files to Vegas Pro or Movie Studio ?

Try Re-booting your Computer first !

If you have been doing a lot of editing over many hours, then it is often a good idea to SAVE and do a RE-BOOT of your computer before you attempt to Render a Video. This will clean out your memory and give you a clean slate.

Clean the Vegas Pro or Movie Studio Platinum Program Cache

Sometimes mysterious alien artifacts can build up inside the hidden program cache and caused bizarre behaviour. Do the following to clean out the Cache and Reset the program. Please note that this will reset the desktop display for the program.

Hold down the CTRL and SHIFT keys on your keyboard, and at the same time double click the program icon on your desktop to boot the program.

Select Delete Cache and Yes

The cache is now cleaned.

Are you using a bought copy or pirated copy of Vegas ?

If you're using a pirated copy of ANY version of Sony Vegas, then go no further - you've probably just discovered why Vegas is not working properly. Over the last 18 months, I have noticed that Sony Creative Software has become a lot more vigilent in updating all current versions of their programs. Vegas Pro 11 for example has already had four different free Build Versions released in the last four months at the time of writing this article.

Are you running the latest Build versions of Vegas Pro or Movie Studio ?

Over the last 18 months, I have noticed that Sony Creative Software has become a lot more vigilent in updating all current versions of their programs. Vegas Pro 11 for example has already been updated 4 times now since release in October 2011 with tons of bug fixes - it is the beginning of March 2012 at the time of writing this.
Here is the link to Sony Vegas Updates

Are you using the 32bit or 64bit version ?

Trying to edit 1080-30p or 1080-60p HD Video on a computer only running a 32 bit Operating System, can push the computer to breaking point if it has a slower and older Processor (CPU) and not enough memory.
Using the 64 bit version of Sony Vegas Pro on a 64 bit Operating System, with a 8+GB's of memory installed and using a fast 4, 6 or 8 Core CPU will make a dramatic difference in what Vegas can handle with ease. I personally use an Intel i7-2600k CPU with 16GB's of memory - this setup has been working well with Vegas Pro 11 and Vegas Movie Studio HD Platinum 11.

Which version of Windows are you using ?

Windows 7 64 bit Operating System is defintitely the best and most stable version of Windows that Microsoft has ever built. If yoo are still trying to use Windows XP, then it rreally is time to update now !

Do your Project Properties match the video you are importing ?

If the frame rate set in your Project Properties doesn't match the frame rate of the video you are Importing, it can cause big problems "sometimes". If you are Importing 50 or 60 fps video and set Vegas to 25 or 30 fps, then that's OK because it's a neat halving of numbers. However, if you import 30 fps and have Vegas set to 25 fps, this can cause a big slow down in the Preview Window. Keep the numbers neat and Vegas will work well.

Do you have the GPU Acceleration turned ON or OFF ?

Many people that have reported problems with using the new GPU Acceleration feature in Vegas Pro and Movie Studio, have simply turned off the GPU accelerator in the Preferences - Video TAB. I will explain more below.

Is you Graphics Card capatible ?

Only particular Graphics Cards "GPU's" are compatible with the new Vegas Pro rendering engine.
If you go to this link here at Sony Creative Sofware, it gives a full explanation of what works and what doesn't.

Have you installed the latest Driver for your GPU ?

Go to the manufacturers website for your Graphics Card and make sure to download and install the latest stable Drivers. Most websites keep a history list of all the different versions. If you install one particular version and it then makes your PC do weird things, the you can always restore Windows or your Driver back to the previous version that worked.A very small number of ATI Radeon ntent-sliders-22=3; jpanesliders working with Vegas Pro 11 - mainly older cards. If you are using a brand new GPU you shouldn't have a problem.


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  • This commment is unpublished.
    HeyThatOneGuyIHateMy · 05:40 27/09/2017

    To anyone here that uses ShadowPlay or programs that save recordings in AVC format, that's the problem. I imported AVC ShadowPlay recordings, immediately crashes. Then I tried dragging in a Fraps .avi file and it worked. Seems like Sony Vegas 14 doesn't like Shadow Play.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Ryan · 08:03 04/09/2017
    Hey Derek! I have a question for you. I've tried your steps below and could not solve this problem. I've been working in Vegas for 10+ years and have never experienced anything like this. Whenever I go to import a video or picture of any type the system freezes and shuts down. It won't let me drag and drop a clip or import it. I tried updating my computer and clearing the cache. I'm not really sure what do to here. I'm running Vegas 12.0.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • Moderator
      · 14:51 04/09/2017
      Hi Ryan
      If you have definitely cleared the cache, it sounds like something inside of Windows has changed or the program has become corrupted. I recommend you do a [b]clean install of Vegas[/b]. This involves doing a deep removal of all Vegas files and then re-installing a fresh copy of Vegas. I have instructions here for Windows 10. If you are not using W10, there are links at bottom of FAQ to W8 and W7.

      If this does not work, I suggest you post your problem on the official Vegas Pro Forums:
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Ryan · 16:08 04/09/2017
        Appreciate it, Derek! I don't know if I even remember my old serial number to re install it sadly. Would there be a way to find this?
        • This commment is unpublished.
          • Moderator
          · 16:35 04/09/2017
          Open the program without loading a project.
          Go to Help/About and here is your Serial Number.
          Which exact version of Vegas are you using?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Silicone Gaming · 02:56 27/08/2017
    Hi, I crash whenever I do absolutely [i][b]nothing[/b][/i], what am I supposed to do when Movie Studio just crashes even when I am doing nothing?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Drew · 10:57 11/10/2016
    Hi Derek, I was hoping maybe you could help me. I have Vegas Movie Studio 10 on my Windows 10 laptop. Vegas has been worked just fine in the past, though I have used it in a couple of months. Recently, I tried to start a project but the program won't let me import any media. At first I tried uploading mp4 files, then I tried previous video files I imported from previous projects, then I even tried images. Every time I try to import media the program has "unexpectedly crashed". I was able to import the videos I need by dragging them into the program but now the problem is every time I click on the video, it crashes. I'm not sure what to try any more (I've already tried rebooting my computer) so any help would be greatly appreciated.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • Moderator
      · 14:01 11/10/2016
      Hi Drew
      The first thing you should do is reset the program. This will clean the temp files cache and default all settings. This should fix your problem. Instructions here:
      If that does not fix problem, did you upgrade to Windows 10?
      If you did, you need to do a clean install of Windows 10 to remove all crap from older version of Windows, which stops many video editing programs from working properly. Instructions here:
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • Moderator
      · 12:37 27/05/2016
      What is the File Extension of the video you are trying to import ?
      What size is it in GBs?
      Example mymovie.mp4, mymovie.avi.....
      Have you tried creating a new project and just importing the problem video ?
      Have you tried re-naming the video to something slightly different ?
      There may be something actually wrong with this video, which means it will never work. Create a new 1 minute test video using the same settings and see if that works.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        The Dude · 07:42 13/08/2016
        Hey Derek, is there a limit to the size an .mp4 file can be? I have the same problem where if I try to import a 4 GB .mp4 file it crashes, please help!
        • This commment is unpublished.
          • Moderator
          · 14:40 13/08/2016
          There is no limit to size of a file you can import.
          However, it you are only using a 32 bit computer, running Windows 32 bit and Movie Studio 32 bit, that may be one possible reason. 32 bit computers have a memory limit that is quite small. 64 bit is far superior - this is what most people use today.
          The other possible reason may have nothing to do with file size. It may be that the Video Codec being used is not compatible with Sony Software and this is causing the crash. Try converting the video using a Video Conversion program. Convert to H.264 .mp4 then import.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Steve W · 21:15 26/08/2016
    Derek, Thanks for taking the time to post all this very useful information. I am now surfing to try and find an answer to my issue. I have a Dell with Windows 7 and use Sony Vegas 10 Platinum. I import from a Sony Handycam and Vegas has no issue reading the files. I import to PCM and also have imported via Vegas direct. My issue is that i have about 70 small files to import and after 50 it just freezes up. I tried first importing all at once, this caused a freeze. I rebooted and started importing 6 files at a time. Good as far as I got then freeze. Rebooted and started importing 6 at a time from the bottom up and again, after about 50 it freezes. Its not a particular file causing it. I dont want to go to importing one at a time as at some point I will freeze. Is there a general limit or are you aware of anyone having a similar issue ?
    Sadly I am somewhat technically challenged so unable to provide too much technical detail, sorry.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • Moderator
      · 00:16 27/08/2016
      What type of video files are they ?
      Do they end with .mp4 or .mov or something else ?
      How much RAM is installed on your computer ?
      Make sure you have no other programs running at same time when using Movie Studio.

      Before you do anything else, I would recommend you do a complete reset of the program. This will clean temp files cache and default all settings to what they were when first installed. Read this for instructions. It is safe to do and will not delete saved projects. https://www.moviestudiozen.com/doctor-zen-faq/573-how-to-reset-sony-software-to-default-settings

      The one problem with older versions of Movie Studio, is that the program is only 32 bit, which means it has a memory limit with how much RAM it can access. Technically speaking there is no limit to how many files you can import, however the way you are importing may have something to do with problem. Firstly, you should import all your videos into a folder on your computer - don't try and import direct from camera into program. Next, [b]don't[/b] use Explorer tab to import videos from - this can cause problems in older versions of Movie Studio like v10. Use File (top menu) - Add Media or Import Media, then locate folder with videos and import just 5 or 10 at a time. Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 10 was one of the worst versions ever released - it had lots of bugs that were never fixed. I will wait to hear back from you before saying anymore.

      • This commment is unpublished.
        • Moderator
        · 00:17 27/08/2016
        What do you mean by "PCM" ?
        • This commment is unpublished.
          stdami · 00:30 28/08/2016
          Hi Derek,
          Firstly, many thanks for your kind advice. I have been using Studio 10 for a few years on and off with very small projects. Now I have a weeks worth of film from a vacation about 100 plus small files to work with.
          For the questions you have asked, each file seems to have mpg after it.
          PCM is the Sony program I got with my Handycam and I can import direct to it from the camera and view the films and photos as they go direct to a file on the laptop. I have been importing to Studio from those files.
          I think the RAM I have is 1024.
          The Laptop is a Dell Studio 1749 with Intel core i5 CPU M540 @ 2.23 GHz
          64 bit operating system
          Windows home premium 7
          I think one of the issues is patience, mine more than anything, I am getting the files into a project 5 at a time but after half way the circle just spins for up to ten minutes before they load. Dragging them to the timeline is fine but playing and editing causes a freeze every now and again. I have to close and reboot each time. So this exercise has taken two weekends and I am not halfway in getting them to the timeline yet. Obviously I have photos to add and at this point I would like to say last night I made the connection between you and the guy with numerous Youtube tutorials that have been so much help to me so far, thank you for your time. I was placing photos one at a time and trying to join them until you explained how to make a slideshow. You may remember I stated I am technically challenged !!
          Interesting point you made about Studio 10, is it time to upgrade and if so on my system what version would you recommend ?
          • This commment is unpublished.
            • Moderator
            · 15:06 28/08/2016
            If you need more help after this reply, can you please start a new message in the MSZ Forum. There is more room for long messages here and better controls.
            To find how much RAM you have, go to [b]Control Panel[/b] - set [b]View by[/b] (top right) to [b]LARGE[/b] - now select [b]System[/b] - this will show your RAM amount. You must have more RAM than 1GB. If it is only 1GB, that is what is causing problem! You need minimum 4GB to edit video.
            Your CPU may also be a bit too old and slow to handle Video Editing properly. It is only 2x Core. 4x Core minimum is preferred config. Your CPU is from 2010 - it wasn't until 2011, that Intel CPUs were optimised for proper video editing.
            Your .mpg video sounds like Standard Definition video - which is a good thing for you, because it is easier to edit than HD. I think you really need to buy a new computer. A Desktop computer will give you more bang for your buck, if you intend to do a lot of video editing. If you get a new laptop, it must be more than a generic cheapo, otherwise you end up back in the same situation. Intel i5 or i7 4x Core with 8GBs of RAM or more is what you need.
            There are only two things I can recommend you do right now.
            #1. Download free trial for Movie Studio Platinum 13 and see if this can handle your videos without crashing. If it works, buy this and use on current computer. http://www.vegascreativesoftware.com/us/vegas-movie-studio-platinum/
            #2. If that does not work, you need to import 4 or 5 videos into Vegas first and render into new video. Then re-import all these new sections into master project.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Ronnie Smith · 13:39 01/07/2016
    I have a series of MOV files all recorded from my dslr. Tried importing all of them and tried individually. All different sizes. Some stall/crash Vegas 12 (legit copy), some don't. I have to use crt/alt/dlt to close vegas. I tried converting all the files to avi. same files, same problem. They all play fine in QT and VLC. I've reinstalled, restarted already. Any ideas?
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Christian · 12:13 27/05/2016
    When i try to import a video, my movie studio platinum 13 becomes unresponsive even though it accepts other videos recorded with the same settings and circumstances. I've deleted the cache as well as sfk files that could be interfering and nothing changes, and this is the second time this has happened. Please help me figure this out, thanks.
  • This commment is unpublished.
    Tyler · 00:03 03/03/2016
    Hi Derek, I am hoping you can help me here. I am using Sony Vegas 13, I just upgraded, I previously had Sony Vegas 11 which I had no problems with. Sony vegas 13 doesn't allow me to use MP3's, but that that's an easy conversion to MP4, I haven't had any large MP3 files I've needed to convert but when I do, converting a large file will be a problem since most converters have limits. My biggest problem is sony vegas crashing when I important .avi and I am not going to convert every single one of my videos, what can I do to fix it? I don't get any error messages, the program just crashes.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • Moderator
      · 02:27 03/03/2016
      Hi Tyler
      Before I answer your question, please make sure to always start a NEW COMMENT by using the [b]ADD NEW[/b] button just underneath the end of every article. You posted a new message using the REPLY link underneath someone else's old message thread, which means everyone from that old thread has received emails from you. :blink:

      I am a bit confused with your message, because you can't convert MP3's into MP4's.
      An [b]MP3 is an Audio file[/b] only and Vegas Pro has no problems with importing and playing MP3s. The only time some audio files don't work, is if it was bought a few years ago from somewhere like iTunes. Back then there was copy protection encoded on everything. Now that does not happen and you can re-download better versions.

      You also cannot convert an MP3 audio file into an MP4 video file. MP4's are videos only.
      So I am guessing you must be talking about something else?

      .AVI files are another completely different story. An .avi is only a generic [b]file container[/b] for many possible [b]video codecs[/b]. Which means your .avi could be using anything. Many .avi's use non-standard Video Codecs that Vegas cannot read and that is why they don't work. When this happens, this is when you need to record your original videos using a Vegas friendly format like H.264 .mp4 or convert them into this before you try and import.
      • This commment is unpublished.
        Tyler · 17:53 02/03/2016
        Hello Derek, I had typed up a whole message, unfortunately my page somehow went back and I had lost all I wrote...oh well. I sort of knew that MP3's were just audio and MP4's were audio and video, but after using a converter known as Zamzar, its an online converter, I wasn't so sure. It converts all my MP3's into MP4's, 50MB files at at time (or less) then emails me a download link, and it ends up being an MP4 file (says the properties) but is just audio. Every MP3 I use ends up just having the audio waveform as a straight line in sony vegas 13 with a very loud beeping noise, but the mp3's work fine in vegas pro 11. Specifically sony vegas 13 I have problems with. A song was about 2 minutes long, MP3 was 5.49MB and it went down to 1.25 MB when converted to MP4. Was quality lost? Is there a way to just use the MP3's without having the loud beeping noise? The waveform is what causes it, it doesn't properly load. I use a program called Dxtory to record, it records my screen, I record videogames and edit them for entertainment, as I like to consider myself a bit of a comedian, and my reactions to how horribly I do can sometimes be quite
        • This commment is unpublished.
          • Moderator
          · 01:11 04/03/2016
          If you need any more help in the future Tyler, the best place to ask questions and upload screen shots is on the https://www.moviestudiozen.com/forum . Because you are only posting as a public guest and not a free member, my guess is that the Comment Form timed out on you. This has happened to myself on other websites as well. If you need to post BIG messages, write them in something like Microsoft Word first and then Copy & Paste.

          1. If you need to convert MP3's into a different format, the best thing to do is convert to a .WAV file, which is uncompressed and the highest quality. Most conversion programs will have that as an option under Audio Formats only.

          2. The loud beeping sound is being caused by the "Wave Hammer Surround plug-in to run in Demo mode".
          If you Google Search this the sentence above, you will find a large number of Forum Posts all across the web about this problem. Latest build version with legit copy will not make this sound. There are fixes for legit copy. I don't know if you can fix a pirate version. The problem is being caused by this plugin thinking it has not being registered correctly.

          3. Just in case you are thinking this, never install 3rd Party Free Video Codec Packs like K-Lite Codec Pack and others. These will replace the good quality codecs that come with Vegas Pro and screw up your Windows Registry. The only way to fix this is un-install codec packs, re-boot and re-install Vegas Pro.

          Have you ever considered buying a legit copy of Movie Studio Platinum 13 or 12 ?
          The Suite versions of both V12 and V13 are excellent value and can be bought at a good discount on Amazon.
          Then you will have a proper legit program to use that should work better than bootleg stuff.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    joe · 05:17 04/01/2015
    Hello! This past Christmas I have recently received the following. An Elgato HD capture card and Sony movie studios platinum suite. I will capture a game in 720p 30 or 60 fps and export it to the desktop, no problem. Then I import it from the desktop into sony movie studio and the issues begin. The footage is in 240p, the is major screen tearing, the video and audio lag completely, thus the footage is in editable. I've play around in most of the settings and I have not been able to find anything to help the cause. I am not familiar with this editing software but I have used final cut pro and avid in the past. Please help me. Oh and my computer is a windows 8 hp 19 all in one.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • Moderator
      · 11:08 04/01/2015
      Hi Joe

      Something you just said does not make sense.
      You said you are capturing in 720-30p and 720-60p, then you said "the footage is 240p".
      It can't be both. When people say "240p", this normally means the worst resolution you see on YouTube - the tiniest frame size. Please explain more about what you mean by 240p. What frame size and frame rate do you actually mean ?

      I will forget about 240p and assume you are indeed working with 720-30p and 720-60p.
      Which exact version of Movie Studio are you using ?
      If you are using version 13, please watch and follow both these tutorials.
      These tutorials will show you the best way for starting a new project and also explain how to change the Preview Window settings. They will teach you how to "Match Media" settings, which will give you the best play back performance.

      If you need further help, please tell me the CPU your computer is using and also if it has a dedicated Graphics Card installed like and Nvidia or AMD Radeon. If you do have a Graphics Card, you need to turn it ON in the Movie Studio Preferences. The Beginners Guide tutorial will show you how to do that.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    Joel · 16:45 18/11/2014
    Hello, I have been making videos with Sony Movie Studio 13 with no problems. But recently I came across a problem that when I put a certain clip into the timeline, I cannot do anything to or I will be given the (Not Responding) error. I tried using the clip outside of the program and it works fine. The clip is one from an Elgato gameplay and I have done other videos from Elgato and they all worked fine, I do not know what is wrong that only this one is causing problems, I have also tried clearing the cache, restarting my computer, and I am all out of ideas now.
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • Moderator
      · 00:28 22/11/2014
      Hi Joel

      It sounds like the video you are trying to import is using a Video Codec/Format that is not supported by Movie Studio. I would doubt there is anything wrong with the program.
      If this clip is important to you, I suggest you convert it into a different format and then import it into MS.

      On rare occasions, thumbnail production of video clips can cause errors.
      Here are the instructions for resetting Movie Studio and cleaning the cache.
      [b]Do this:[/b]
      Turn Movie Studio/Vegas/DVD Architect Off.
      Hold down CONTROL and SHIFT keys at the same time AND ALSO AT THE SAME TIME double click program icon on Desktop to Boot program.
      Window will pop up.
      Select Delete Cache and Yes.
      This will restore program to Factory Default Settings.

  • This commment is unpublished.
    Vanessa Dunsavage · 11:06 24/07/2014
    Good evening Derek,
    I am so happy to have found your website. I have recently been having many problems with my Sony Vegas Movie Studio 9.0 HD. It is an older model but it used to work just fine, recently, my cameras have changed and I have realized the output types may no longer match. I want to convert my files, but I am unaware how, any recommendations? Also, I can't be quite sure that this is the only problem, sometimes I try to make very simple videos where I am sure the output matches and vegas crashes. It reads "Not Responding" then goes white and closes the page. I can't figure out why it keeps doing this. I have updated my editor from the Sony website, I have deleted old rendering to manage space, and I only have my editor open and running (no additional programs) because I was even concerned my laptop was too busy. Any suggestions?
    Your time and consideration is much appreciated!
    Confuzzled in Texas
    • This commment is unpublished.
      • Moderator
      · 18:00 24/07/2014
      The first thing you should do is clean the Vegas cache and reset the program.
      This will make the program look like it has just been freshly installed and remove any customization you may have added. It is perfectly safe to do and will not delete any of your saved projects.
      [b]Do this:[/b]
      Turn Movie Studio/Vegas Off.
      Hold down CONTROL and SHIFT keys at the same time AND ALSO AT THE SAME TIME double click program icon on Desktop to Boot program.
      Window will pop up.
      Select Delete Cache and Yes.
      This will restore program to Factory Default Settings.

      See if your problems are now resolved.

      What type of cameras are you now using ?
      Which Operating System is your computer running ?

      Version 9 is getting a bit old now. It may be time to upgrade to the newest version of the program. This has many more HD Templates for you to use.
      You can download a free trial and test it out. You DO NOT have to un-install V9. It can stay there and will not change.

      • This commment is unpublished.
        Vanessa Dunsavage · 04:28 02/08/2014
        Hello again Derek!
        I have done as you requested and am eagerly awaiting to try it out on a new short film. I am currently using a Fujifilm finepix s8500 series. I have been trying to save up for a Canon Camera. And my laptop is a 2011 Toshiba running off Windows 7. I really appreciate all your advice, I am considering buying a newer model of Vegas.
        • This commment is unpublished.
          • Moderator
          · 13:45 02/08/2014
          Your camera records to H.264 which is a codec that Vegas should be able to read OK.
          If you decided to upgrade, make sure to get the newest version of Movie Studio Platinum - version 13.

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