Answer: In order to transfer your audio and video presets from one machine to another, download and install the Sony Preset Manager utility from this page.

When you launch Preset Manager you will see a list of your custom presets on the bottom part of the window. To backup all your presets, drag the FX Plug-Ins folder from the bottom window to the top window (if you only want to backup some FX then expand the FX Plug-Ins at the bottom and drag only the specific ones you want to the top area). Now, go to File > Save As in order to save out a .sfpreset package file.

To restore the plug-ins on a different machine (or the same machine if you had to format your drive), install Preset Manager, then go to File > Open and open the .sfpreset file you previously saved. Then drag the FX Plug-Ins folder from the top window down to the bottom in order to restore those presets onto the system.

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How to use a saved Custom Preset Chain?

Once you have imported your Custom Presets, you will want to know where they are in Vegas, so you can use them.

  1. Press Event FX button
  2. Open the Filter Packages folder
  3. Double-click the Preset you want to use and press OK
  4. All FX and Custom Settings from your saved preset, will automatically be applied

event fx 1

event fx 2

event fx 3

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