Important MSZ Forum and Website went down for 10+ hours

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Hi everyone

Last night Sydney time between 14th January to 15th January, the MSZ forum and website went down for over 10 hours!
Sorry for anyone who may have experienced this outage :blush: I was actually on the forum when this happened.

The Australian webhost I have been using for the last couple of years, was a small but very professional company - amazing customer service and fast servers.
Unfortunately this A+ smaller webhost was sold to a massive C- webhost company called Dreamscape Networks in March 2018 (they own Crazy Domains!)
Ever since the new company took over, customer service has slowly gone down the toilet - especially in the middle of the night when most crap happens.

There is also another problem with the website and forum that some of you may have noticed.
At precisely 20 minutes past every hour (8:20, 9:20, 10:20, etc...) page loading freezes for up to 30 seconds.
When this happens, you may think the site has gone down. There is some script on the server that reloads every hour that causes this problem.
The current webhosting company seems unwilling or unable to fix this.

Long story short, I need to move this website and forum onto a new webhost.
I'm not going to do it immediately, but plan to make the move in the next 2 or 3 months when I'm ready to launch a new website I have been working on.
I will need to increase my budget for webhosting, to find a AAA+ company that will maintain fast page load times and gaurantee 99.9% up time.

I just hope we don't have to experience anymore outages like what happened last night.

Cheers :)
Derek (aka Dr Zen)
:idea: Remember to turn everything off at least once a week, including your brain, then sit somewhere quiet and just chill out.
Unplugging is the best way to find solutions to your problems. If you would like to share some love, post a customer testimonial or make a donation.
Peace :)
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