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Problem with Server that Movie Studio Zen & Forum are hosted on was created by DoctorZen

Hi everyone

This is a message for all the geeks (that includes myself).
There is an annoying problem with the server settings that my hosting company uses in Sydney, Australia.
Every 2 hours at exactly 20 minutes past the hour (example 12:20 AM, 2:20AM, 4:20AM......), the server performs a re-load of the server certificate, which temporary freezes any inputs been made by users on the website and forum. This means that if you have written a message and press SUBMIT at the exact same time server is reloading, the web page will freeze and/or go blank and report "Establishing Secure Connection". After 30 seconds, the problem is rectified until the next 2 hour period rolls around.

6 months ago I thought this problem had been fixed, but I have noticed that it has returned in the last couple of weeks.
I am trying to get this rectified once and for all and apologise if you have experienced this problem.

The really annoying thing is that the hosting company I use is the best I have found so far, except for this one tiny problem. I have been with two other companies before this and they always had multiple problems going on, so I don't want to change again and end up in a huge mess. The hosting company I have been on for the last two years, definitely has the fastest servers and is connected directly into a major undersea optic cable hub in Sydney, which is why it is also fast in countries halfway around the world.

I am hopeful that this problem can be fixed again soon.

Derek Moran
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Replied by Richard Jones on topic Problem with Server that Movie Studio Zen & Forum are hosted on

Frustrating --- as if life isn't difficult enough anyway. Good Luck.

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Replied by Eagle Six on topic Problem with Server that Movie Studio Zen & Forum are hosted on

Hi Derek,

The connection speed is usually pretty fast. Occasionally it is frustratingly slow. Up to a couple months ago, the worse time for connections was on Monday's in around mid-morning to early afternoon my time (Arizona, USA). Often I would just avoid connections during that period. However, for the last 7-9 weeks, the slow connection hasn't always been on Monday, rather sporadic. The slowdowns aren't that bad, mostly the speed is good to very good. A few times I may have experienced the issue you mention, but do not remember the details.
Best Regards......George
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