Solved A Cure for the Stutters

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A Cure for the Stutters was created by frankmlucas

You're probably familiar with Demosthenes’ stutter and how he cured it by speaking with stones in his mouth. Unfortunately, you can't put stones in Movie Studio when it produces stuttering video for you (though you might like to ...).

I record Flat Track Derby Bouts. I have a friend on our local team, who introduced me to Girls' Flat Track. I loved it! And brought my camcorder and tripod to a Bout. The Bouts are an hour with a fifteen minute break.

Movie Studio's video capture made a very nice pair of half-hour avi. However, when I finished the edit, and passed the Movie Studio files to Architect, the result was a disaster. And though I searched and found a few references to Movie Studio and stuttering, no one had an answer—just some head scratching.

The problem, I believed, was because of the speed at which the girls can skate. Looking through the various options, I found myself reading the Help for various settings. And sure enough, one of them mentioned that the speed of objects in a video is a factor in setting some options.

Okay, it's simple: go with your native intuition. If you see rapid motion that leaves trails or ghosts, it must be because the images making the video are being intertwined (for want of a better word); there's too much image. In a video that would be interlacing, with its cousin resampling.

I have Movie Studio 12 but this should work for most versions and some other movie editing software.

1. Set the Project Properties:for Deinterlace method to None.

2. With your video clip(s) on the timeline, right-click each video clip (other media can be left alone for this) and check Reduce interlace flicker, and select Disable resamlpe.

Now: why? Because the motion of the girls skating at high-speed fools the interlace and resampling algorithm into making too many extra artifacts from frame-to-frame. In other words, just do it, it works.

Good luck and good editing!
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