Solved Rendering for a 1920 x 1200 tablet

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Rendering for a 1920 x 1200 tablet was created by renderbydesign

Can someone tell me what the settings need to be go render a animation that would fit on a tablet without looking stretched?
I can render the frames in 3ds max at 1920 x 1200 However Movie Studio will not do that size. it maxes out at 1080 i think.
I have attached a ms file that which has my current settings.
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Replied by DoctorZen on topic Rendering for a 1920 x 1200 tablet

Hi renderbydesign

This is a tricky one, so bare with me...

1920 x 1080 is the universal Frame Size for HD video, which is a 16x9 Aspect Ratio.
1920 1200 is a 16x10 Aspect Ratio - this is a non-standard video frame size.

When 1920x1080 video is played back on a 16x10 screen size (like your tablet), it should not be stretching the image at all !
It should display with black bars at the top or bottom.
If the image is being stretched vertically, it sounds like there is a Setting in the Tablet that is doing this - turn that setting off.

A closer look at your actual project
Thank you for supplying the Movie Studio project file - that helps a lot.
Your Project Properties are showing this:
Width = 1728
Height = 1080

That is a non-standard Frame Size and is most likely what is causing all your problems.

Normally when you import your first video into Movie Studio, the program will ask if you want to Match the Media Settings.
95% of the time, it is best to say YES to this question.
When you do this, it will make the Project Properties match your Source Video Properties.
However in your case, it looks like your source video is 1728x1080 - this is a non-standard frame size and is causing the problem.

You have 2 options:

Option 1
If you want your video to conform correctly on any website hosting video like YouTube or Vimeo, it needs to be rendered to 1920x1080 (16x9 aspect ratio), otherwise you will end up with black bars at sides.

If you go with option #1, NEVER use the Match Media function at the beginning of a project!
Always say NO to Matching the Media when working with non-standard video frame sizes.
Instead, you must manually set your Project Properties to 1920x1080 and then use Event Pan/Crop to adjust the source video.

For most people working with source material that is using a non-standard Aspect Ratio like 16x10, I recommend using the Event Pan/Crop window and zooming in slightly to achieve a 16x9 Widescreen frame size. There is Preset in the Event Pan/Crop window that will do this automatically for you. It will chop off a small amount of the bottom and top of the video.

Option 2
Use the Match Media function and set everything to Match your source video.
When you do this, you must also render the project to the same Frame Size your original video was recording in.
When you get to the Make Movie (Render As) stage, you must use the Advanced Settings and Customize your output template.

Remember to turn everything off at least once a week, including your brain, then sit somewhere quiet and just chill out.
Unplugging is the best way to find solutions to your problems.
Peace :)
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Replied by renderbydesign on topic Rendering for a 1920 x 1200 tablet

Thank you very much for all your time you took on this. This will help!
Have a great day!
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