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Audio synchronization like Final Cut Pro was created by Blackheart

Is there a tool in Vegas Studio 15 Platinum, or a plug-in available, that will sync clips using the audio track of this different clips?
Thank you!
11 Mar 2019 08:11 #1

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Replied by DoctorZen on topic Audio synchronization like Final Cut Pro

Hi Blackheart

What exact type of synchronization do you want to do ?

Generally speaking, there are two types of sync.
1. Syncing better quality audio recording to original video recording - this is the most common.
In this situation, you may have recorded high quality audio to an audio recorder and want to sync this to the video with poor quality audio.

There is no automated synchronization tool in Vegas Movie Studio for syncing two different sources of audio together.
Vegas users use Plural Eyes from Red Giant - however this only works in Vegas Pro.

Most Vegas Movie Studio users use the traditional manual sync method.
Open Vegas and go to Help/Contents and Index
In the Index tab, search "multicamera video, synchronizing"

2. Multi-cam editing, where you used different cameras recording at the same time.
If you have different cameras that recorded using Timecode, Vegas Movie Studio can sync these clips for you.

Remember to turn everything off at least once a week, including your brain, then sit somewhere quiet and just chill out.
Unplugging is the best way to find solutions to your problems.
Peace :)
11 Mar 2019 12:33 #2

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