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I have copied a large amount of personal footage from a DVD into my Movie Studio Platinum 14.0. When I render it to my HD using MPEG-2, there is no audio. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Don
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Hi Don
First - and just to be sure -did the file you extracted from the DVD and place on the MSP14 timeline have the audio with it.

Second, how did you render the file. Did you use “Make Movie”>”Save it to my hard drive” then select the MPEG-2 Option. If so the default output is to produce a video only program stream for use in DVD Production. A separate Audio Stream would then be required as input to the DVD authoring process along with the Video only file.

Perhaps if you are able to clarify what you are intending to do with the rendered file (eg make new DVD, post to youtube. Play from HD or USB drives etc) Doc Zen will be able to advise on the best render options.
Cheers, Robbie
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Thank you Robbie

Some time ago, I had a number of family videos copied onto DVD's. I have now decided that I should back these up on an external drive or two. Before doing so, I editted this first DVD in my MSP14. The extracted file has audio with it.

I did use "Make Movie" etc. as you describe, but was not aware of the video only setup. I also tried some of the other options available but found them to be far too slow as this first DVD has almost four hours of material on it.

Given that I am only looking to save copies of these DVD's just in case something happens to the original DVD, I'm beginning to think it would be adequate and easier if I made a direct copy to my external drive(s) without editting the material at this stage.


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I would only be rendering to MPEG-2 if you were planning to make more DVDs.
The DVD format normally separates the Video and Audio streams into separate files, so that's why you don't hear any audio if you render to an MPEG-2 video stream only.

If all you want to do is create a backup of your DVDs onto a Hard Drive, then just do an old fashioned Copy and Paste on the videos from your DVDs onto Hard Drive.
However, DVD format uses interlaced video, which is not the best format for playback on a computer or streaming on a media server.

Another option you could use is to rip and convert all your DVDs using Handbrake, which will convert the videos into .mp4 (progressive style) format.
Handbrake has the ability to scan a DVD and import all the videos separately, then rip/convert them into .mp4 videos.
I have a beginners guide tutorial for how to use Handbrake here.
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Good Evening Derek

As there are quite a few DVD's to back up, I've decided to use Handbrake to copy them onto my extra drives without any editting. My main concern at this stage is to have copies of the original material lest anything should happen to the DVD's.

Thank you again for your advice.

20 Jan 2020 20:41 #5

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