Solved Video is not rendering properly.

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so confused and frustrated with this program
02 Aug 2020 08:28 #1

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You do realize that your "Project Properties" are set to 1842 x 2160, but then trying to "Render Out" to a 1920 x 1080 format?

Plus, it would be helpful to other Forum members who may wish to assist if you provided other relevant information such as:

1. Build number of Movie Studio 17 (we can see it is Platinum)

2. What is the "Source" footage properties/size (use MediaInfo if needed - can get free download at, where did it come from, etc.?

3. Exactly what do you mean by "Video is not rendering properly"?

4. Is it a problem with "Hardware"? So, having computer specifications would be helpful as well (actually, put them within your profile as a "Signature").

5. Are you Running Windows 10 (build/version - again, put in "Signature")?

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If you would like help, please explain with WORDS what is the problem.

1842 x 2160 is not a standard video frame size.

Do you want your rendered video to be in Landscape Format or Portrait Format ?

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