Solved Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 17 wants to render the wrong Frame Size

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I recently upgraded to Movie Studio 17 (build 143) and I used it for a couple of mp4 movies last week. Over the weekend I noticed the file sizes were quite large compared to what I thought they should be. I started digging in and noticed that although the properties and preview show the size I wanted the video to be rendered at (640x480)

When I went to render it and save to my hard disk it is being rendered much larger

There doesn't seem to be a way to adjust this other than going into advanced options. Which is fine, but another step.
Am I missing something obvious? Why doesn't it respect the properties I've set for the project when it goes to render? I probably do have some images in the project that are at a high resolution. I didn't think I would need to adjust them before bringing them into Movie Studio. I also suspect, though I haven't had the time to verify, that this is a change from earlier versions of Movie Studio (the upgrade to 17 coincided with starting to use a new computer).

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Hi davidmovies - Welcome to the MSZ Forum :)

I can confirm that the same error is happening in Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 17, when I set the Project Properties to 640x480 resolution.
After doing some experiments, it seems the reason why this is happening is because there are no pre-made Export Templates matching 640x480 in the Make Movie/Render As window.

It is extremely rare in 2020 for anyone to be rendering (exporting) to a Frame Size of 640x480, however you can still do this if required.
You mentioned you have some large photographs in your project as well.

Do you want to export at 640x480 (4:3 aspect ratio), the same as your old source videos ?
Would you like to upscale slightly to 1280x720p (16:9 aspect ratio - the same as YouTube and your TV) ?

If you upscaled to 1280x720, you could have all your photos filling a widescreen video format, however the video parts would show black bars at the sides of the video.
If you choose this option, go back into the Project Properties and change the Frame Size to 1280x720.

If you want to keep the older 4:3 aspect ratio and export to 640x480, this is what you can do...
Go to Make Movie/Save to Hard Drive
Advanced Options
Select Magix AVC/AAC - Internet HD 720p 29.97 fps
Press Customize button

In the Frame Size settings, select NTSC Square Pixel (640x480)
Go to top of window and type new Template Name Internet 640x480 29.97 fps - then press Save button.
Press OK below
Now you will see a new custom template you can use whenever you like - press Star to make it a Favourite.
Press Render to begin render of video.

After the video has rendered, try another new experiment !!!!
Go back to Make Movie / Save to Hard Drive
Because you have now created a template for 640x480 export, the simple Make Movie window should now automatically select your new template and render at the correct size.

:idea: Remember to turn everything off at least once a week, including your brain, then sit somewhere quiet and just chill out.
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Peace :)
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Thanks for trying it out and understanding what was happening. The destination for these videos is a PowerPoint slide show that gets shared over Zoom so 640x480 isn't a particularly important size (we've been lazy about using precise resolutions given how the screen share gets mucked with in other ways) but the large resolution was creating big files. I'll take a look at what we want our output to be and figure out whether it's better to create a 640x480 template or just use the 720 one.
Really appreciate the help.
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