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Solved Sound not synced with video when transferred from Hi8 camcorder to .mpg file on PC

I have copied some old Hi8 video tapes from my analog Sony camcorder using a video capture card with the S video cable for the sound and the red and green cables for the video. I have edited the finished file in MS Vegas 16 but the sound lags slightly behind the video on all clips.
Is there a simple way to align the audio and video in Vegas 16 or do I need to transfer it to the PC in a different way?
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Is the Audio in sync before you import it into Vegas with the videos created by capture card ?
Make sure the capture device is using the same frame rate the original video was recorded with.
If you live in an NTSC country, it should be 29.97 fps.
If you live in a PAL country, it should be 25 fps.

There are basically 2 "out of sync" audio types that can occur in a video editing program.
1. Audio is playing slightly before or after the video.
2. Audio is drifting slowly out of sync as the video plays.

Do you know what type of audio sync problem is occurring?

1. If it is #1 scenario, go to very beginning or end of video.
Click on video and press U for Un-group.
Zoom right in to to frame by frame level.
Grab hold of Audio track and slowly drag to left or right, depending on if the audio is early or late.
Play the same section and check for good sync, until you get it synced.
When it is perfect, select video and audio and press G to re-group.

2. If the audio is drifting out of sync, press U to Un-group first.
Zoom right into frame by frame level. If the audio has drifted, you may notice the video and audio end at different times and there is a "step" between the two.
Then hold CTRL key down to engage Time Stretch and drag audio until it lines up perfectly with end of video again.
Once it is in sync, select video and audio again and press G to re-group.
Drag en

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Thanks Derek. The audio and video are out of sync before I put the clip into Vegas 16 with the audio playing slightly before the video. I've got no control over the frame rate when I transfer it from the camcorder, the gizmo I've got has very few options. However, your explanation of how to resolve it in Vegas is perfect and I've been able to do it using the 'Un-group' and 'Group' method.
Many thanks and there's a wee donation on its way.
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