Solved Event Pan/Crop changes not showing in Preview window

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Hi All,
Here I am once again, struggling with something that's extremely basic. All I am trying to do, for the first time, is inset an image onto a project, and I want to make the image take up the full screen size. I use event pan and crop and zoom in. There is no option I can see to save, but when I play through the preview window, the size of the image has not changed. Please please give me a clue.. what can be the reason for this???

I was watching Dereks beginner video (MSP13) at this point when I tried on mine. I then watched someone else's 9 minute video specifically on event pan and crop, but while that was interesting, it didn't help me understand why a simple size change of an image on my project was not / is not changing the size of the image in the preview window...

Bound to be something incredibly basic but I just cannot see it.


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Sorry if anyone has started to reply - No need!

I've gone into the settings on maintaining aspect ration and whatnot. The right ratio didn't exist as a preset. Got over / round this particular issue for now. Very pleased!
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I have edited the title of your forum post, to reflect the actual problem.

If you get stuck in the future trying to understand the Event Pan/Crop window, I highly recommend you read/watch this tutorial I made here.
It explains how to use Event Pan/Crop and Track Motion, to achieve more complex screen placements.
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