Solved Black-on-black text on Device Explorer imported objects impossible to read

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Hi!  I'm totally new here, and brand new to Vegas Studio as a video editing tool.  Most things I want to learn to do are realatively easy to find tutorial videos on, but not this one.  So, it will be my first question here.

When importing video objects from my computer into Vegas Studio 17.0 Platinum, I'm unable to read the descriptions of each object, because the text is black, and so is the background.  I'd love to find the setting to change this.  Seems to be a bit of an oversight as default colors, as I've done absolutely no customization to the user interface as of yet.

Thank you so much for your help!

Thank you so much for your help with this!


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As far as I can remember, the Device Explorer window is the only window that has that black text - it may be something that has been overlooked?
I guess everyone's eyes work differently and for some the contrast is difficult.
Personally I can read that black text OK and it's not a window I would ever spend much time in.

There is only one solution you can try, but it will effect the entire program.
Go to Options/Preferences/Display - set Interface Type = Light
Re-boot Vegas to accept changes.


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Thank you so much, DoctorZen. This is significantly better. I could have looked for hours for a way to change just this window, and I'm thankful to know that I would have been looking uselessly.

I think this system-wide color change will suit me very nicely.

Best always,
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