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I am using Vegas Movie Studio Platinum 14 on Windows 10.  Whenever I render HD video it seems to come out slightly softer than the original video.  I am using the same bit rate settings and frame rate that the camera recorded for the video which is 28 Mbps and 60 fps.  I have tried both Sony AVC and MainConcept AVC and get similar results.  I also make sure to select "Best" for the Full Resolution Rendering Quality in the Project Properties.  Below are the render settings I am using:

Sony AVC
Frame Size: 1920x1080
Profile: High
Entropy: CABAC
Frame Rate: 59.940
Field Order: None
Pixel: 1.0000
CBR:  26 Mbps

MainConcept AVC
Frame Size: 1920x1080
Profile: Main
Frame Rate: 29.970
Field Order: None
Pixel: 1.0000
Reference Frames: 2
CBR: 28 Mbps

Is it just normal for the video to be slightly less sharp because of the rendering process/compression, or am I doing something wrong or should I be using different settings?  I have seen some incredibly clear and sharp Youtube videos.  Are they doing something different or just using really good cameras?  Any tips or help on how I can get the sharpest HD video possible while rendering would be greatly appreciated!
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Your output render doesn't match your source.  It may not make any difference but:
  1. Alter Profile to High
  2. Change framerate to 59.94.  You are chucking out half your frames and possibly resampling may be involved.
Yes re-rendering does lose quality but my experience is it's so minor usually I cannot see it in a side by side comparison.
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Thank you for the reply!

I did try rendering with Sony AVC with the 59.94 frame rate and High profile but was still getting the same results.

I tried MainConcept AVC, but the max frame rate it would allow was 29.97.

I think I am just being a bit too picky and there probably really isn't too much of a difference between the original footage and the rendered video.  Just want to have the sharpest video I can get.
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Resampling is turned on by default in Vegas.
Resampling can make fast moving scenes look "mushy".
I recommend turning OFF this setting.

Select ALL your videos on the timeline, then right-click and go to Switches, then set to Disable Resample.
Now try another render.
*Make sure to re-name your different render attempts before you start rendering, so you don't get old and new versions mixed up!
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