Solved Render quality is excellent, YouTube quality is terrible.

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Replied by Sinxar on topic Render quality is excellent, YouTube quality is terrible.

I understand. Thank you for your assistance in better understanding Movie Studio Platinium.

I have found (as expected) it is only some content types that has problems. One day Google will give us the magic settings for uploading perfect video. Honestly the only reason I am trying so hard to find what YouTube likes is because I don't want go through the trouble of using separate programs to do it. I've went down that road in the past and I am sure you are aware how much of a pain that can be.

Most of my other videos turn out fine, like this one of a game called Sublevel Zero.

And this one of Factorio.

To me these both look just fine. It seems to be mostly Minecraft that makes YouTube freak out when it re-encodes the uploaded videos. I don't know.
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Replied by Archlich on topic Render quality is excellent, YouTube quality is terrible.

So half price until the 14th for the Suite? Sweet!
A couple of questions, though:

I too have had one hell of a time trying to get really good quality Minecraft videos going. I record with Open Broadcast Software 'cause I'm broke, and fidgeting with the various settings has been one hair-pulling misadventure after another.

I've settled on the settings below. Sir Doc - or anyone - do you see any glaring issues? Big-time Youtubers who have it right are notoriously tight-lipped on what their configurations are; maybe they went through similar trouble honing it themselves.
Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]


The colour green and all those extremely fast moving squares in Minecraft, are one of the most difficult things to encode/compress. Because of how compression works, each frame is divided into squares and is encoded using the least amount of data possible.

I can see how a tremendous amount of pixels changing state so rapidly and unrelentingly can wreak havoc, but why is green a factor?

Thanks for any consideration :)
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Replied by DoctorZen on topic Render quality is excellent, YouTube quality is terrible.

This is a message for Archlich.

I have only been using the original version of OBS up until now.
I did not even realize that Multi-Platform had been released, so I have just downloaded and installed it.

I will need to spend some time experimenting with the new version and extra settings and then report back. That could be many weeks from now.

When I mentioned the colour green, it was an example of a difficult colour to compress/encode. The same thing can happen with any primary colour.
The problem is when you have the same colour that shifts through an infinite range of shades, like a Blue sky or Green grass.
Every day video is recorded using 8 bit colour space. 8 bit can only represent a particular range of shades/colours.
You see the same problem with Text on DVDs. If you put Red text on a Green background, aliasing occurs which makes it look pixelated and blocky.
So it all comes down to how much bit rate is available to encode a colour/shape correctly.
This is a simple explanation of the problem.
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Peace :)
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