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I have a project that has a set of tracks with media. Each track has a 'Track Motion' configuration. Is there anyway to duplicate the track media along with its 'Track Motion' from the one project into another? It would save some effort.
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Hi Frank

If you want to use the same media in different projects, save a special project file with all the settings and media you want to duplicate every time and then always open this "project template" first. Then re-name and save immediately, and then begin to add anything new.

You can also save your Track Motion configurations as a Preset.
Name the preset at top of Track Motion window and then press SAVE button on right.
Next time you create a new project and need to add Track Motion, simply open Track Motion and then select your saved preset from drop down box. Instantly your favourite Track Motion settings will appear.

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Hi Frank,

Slight variation to Derek's reply.

As suggested, save your initial project containing the "track motion" data with a different name - therefore you will have two instances of the same material but under different names.
Derek then mentions adding your new requirements to the renamed project once it has been opened- in my past cases, having opened up the new project, I deleted all the different tracks only leaving the one(s) I needed, then added my new and additional tracks. That allowed me to daisy chain using each previous version as a base for the next one.
I have also in the past created a project with tracking motion - and then rendered it out to a "effectively lossless" codec.
Then continued with the next stage by creating another project that brought in that rendered material as a track - followed by adding more tracks, each with their individual characteristics (in my case - more track motion in another area of the video)
Repeating this process - tracking motion was captured but allowed me to control / contain the keyframing process without issues of interference between the different tracks.
Hope this is of some use and indicates a technique you may wish to use if applicable to your circumstances.


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