Solved My shiny metal awesome text looks great when very large, but awful when scaled back down. Anyone know why?

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Hello guys.

First time poster here. I am really confused right now. I used the heightmap effect to make some really great epic text. I was only "wow'd" by it when I scaled the text up high, so only a few letters were visible on the screen. But as I animate the text to scale back down so all of it can be read, I have completely lost the effect and it all changes. The only way I can make it smaller again and look the same, is using parent transform, but of course, I can only reduce the size of what was on the screen.

I find it sad, and surprisingly cannot find any information about this. Please will someone explain this to me.

The first image shows the awesome text that I want to scale back down. The second image shows how horrible it looks, and the third image shows that parent transform preserves the effect, but I can't even start to think about how I can use that for all of it. It's about 7 words total, top and bottom, to go from very large, to all on the screen (scale 1)

Thanks for any information about this weird situation.
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Hi Jamie72

Using Bump map fx can be very tricky to do.
Some slider settings make dramatic differences to how to text looks, with just very small changes.
It is not the best/preferred method for creating metallic looking text.

You will have more success if you use a Titling program/app like New Blue Titler
Create your fancy text in something like Photoshop first and then import into Vegas.

If you would me to comment more, I really need to get access to a copy of your .veg project file, so that I can see all your settings.
Please upload a copy of your .veg project file that matches what you have uploaded.

:idea: Remember to turn everything off at least once a week, including your brain, then sit somewhere quiet and just chill out.
Unplugging is the best way to find solutions to your problems. If you would like to share some love, post a customer testimonial or make a donation.
Peace :)
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