Solved Why use Handbrake to encode instead of Vegas?

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Why would you use handbrake when Vegas can encode. Are you saying export a files  encoded by Vegas  to handbrake to re encode. Or are you just using handbrake instead of Vegas?
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When you "Frameserve" direct from Vegas Pro to Handbrake, the video output is going direct to Handbrake and bypassing the Vegas encoders.
The Handbrake encoder is better at creating smaller files sizes without loosing quality.
It is also better at rendering fast moving and/or detailed objects, like racing cars or detailed vegetation like grass and forests.

Since making my original Vegas to Handbrake tutorial, there is now an easier way to export video using the H.264 encoder, with access to the same custom rendering controls.
Most people are now using Voukoder.
Voukoder works as a plugin in Vegas Pro, without the need to install DebugMode Frameserver and custom Scripts.
It will appear as an option in the Render As window.
You need to install 2x pieces of software:
1. Voukoder
2. Voukoder Connector - there are 2 versions of this, depending on which version of Vegas Pro you are using.

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OK Derek, thank you
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