Q: Why have some of the Rendering Template disappeared from the Render As window in Sony Vegas?

Answer: This weird and unusual problem has happened to me before. I think it occurs when a particular sequence of events generates a corruption in a hidden cache for Vegas, which then stops the full list of rendering options from regenerating itself. So Movie Studio or Vegas Pro gets stuck in time.

The first time this happened to myself, I un-installed Vegas Pro and then did a new install of the program. This did NOT fix the problem. I became so frustrated, that I actually wiped my whole computer and did a clean install of the Windows Operating System. Then I had to reload every single program on my computer. You DO NOT have to do this !

Solution #1

Try a full program reset.

Turn Movie Studio or Vegas Pro Off.

Hold down CONTROL and SHIFT keys at the same time AND ALSO AT THE SAME TIME double click program icon on Desktop to Boot program.

Window will pop up.

Select Delete Cache and Yes.

This will restore program to Factory Default Settings.

Solution #2

If solution #1 does not work for, try the following.

Before you read below, make sure you DO NOT have any of the Filters turned ON. Simply turning these OFF may bring back the full list of Rendering options.

First make sure you re-boot your computer.

Next start a brand NEW project. Completely forget about any existing project where the templates are not displaying.

Make sure to use the New Project wizard if you are a using a version of Movie Studio. If you are using Vegas Pro, just ignore this step.

Now import a new video clip (make sure this is not the same video from the other project where the problems are occurring). Preferrably add a video that is in a different video codec to what you normally use and/or different file extension.

Once you have added the video, SAVE the project.

Now go to Make MovieRender As and hopefully the missing templates have returned.

You may also have to then delete the original project that didn't work and start again, in case the corruption is embedded within the original project file.

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