Solved NTSC in PAL Region

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Replied by Eagle Six on topic NTSC in PAL Region

Hi phiwe,

I have another thought on your panning issue with 24 fps. I'm sure you know this, however thought I would mention it, just in case. You haven't stated the DSLR or lens you are using so this might not apply, depending on the features.

On a couple occasions over the years I have inadvertently left stabilization 'On', when I was using a tripod to pan. As we know this may cause the camera stabilization system to think the pan movement is camera shake and over compensate. I have also done this when smoothly panning handheld. Of course if your camera/lens does not have stabilization feature, or you switch it off when making smooth handheld or tripod mounted pans, this would not be an issue. Just a thought.
Best Regards......George
13 Feb 2017 05:13 #11

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Replied by Peter on topic NTSC in PAL Region

As George mentions, the act of using lens stabilization does have a definite effect on the ability to produce clear results.
I have on many occasions (relative) videoed a slow pan with stabilization operating and then realized the fact and have "let go" of the setting.
The image tremor is no longer present in the result when LS is turned off.
Just to be little cheeky (on a Vegas forum) - I have also used open source software, namely "Kinovea" to view "Slo Mo" very successfully. There are several features that allow for smooth viewing (and archiving).


13 Feb 2017 11:52 #12

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Replied by phiwe on topic NTSC in PAL Region

Yes, one may leave stabilization on unaware i agree.

As you guys mentioned, slower movements and pans are what one must do or even no pan at all. Wil try check the motion blur effect to see how it does.
13 Feb 2017 16:05 #13

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