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Solved Camera to Pc linked communications?

Replied by Eagle Six on topic Camera to Pc linked communications?

Posted 09 Feb 2016 12:07 #31

Spicy_Chicken wrote: Purchase a Nikon d5300 24mp and in raw these files are humongous compared to what we normally work with but not as big as the pro's which can be seriously big!

Excellent choice, you have done your homework, I think the D5300 will make a good fit for you now and into the future.

You probably don't need the RAW files at this stage. When you get comfortable with PhotoShop, you may want to spend some time tinkering with a couple RAW samples. The results after performing post adjustments such as denoising, color correction, etc......are so far ahead of the jpg format, even if you use jpg for delivery. But, there is a learning curve.....the good part is, once you get familiar with working with RAW, it's a snap.

Spicy_Chicken wrote: Did down load the program for my tablet and just gotta' say what a dream combo. they link up in an instant and can control every non- physical setting with a touch, plus get to see it on a larger screen. The thing I like the most is making shutter, aperture, and iso settings instantly and seeing it in real time plus zooming 100% to dial the focus in perfect, get to snap the picture remotely and it downloads instantly. Worthless for on the go but for studio work ..... wow.

Sounds like it is exactly what you were striving to get, I'm glad you didn't settle for less. You spent the time and deserve great results.

Spicy_Chicken wrote: The kit lens is just ok in my opinion and have some prim lenses and what you recommended on the list of gotta have.

Oh...Yes, the LIST....mine is so long, there just isn't enough life in these old bones to fulfill it, but I keep on trying!!

Spicy_Chicken wrote: I can see lighting is not going to be as easy to tackle in my limited space and of course as you mention, top of the list in importance, I concur!
So many options out there it makes me dizzy. Take pics of such a wide array of items from quite large to very small that its difficult to choose but dimmable white led's, there is a vid on how to build your own, good size units for 1/4 the price.

If you are a good hand at DIY (I know you are otherwise you wouldn't have succeeded to build your farm!), you can save some bucks and once you have completed one successfully, it shouldn't be that tough to make more in different sizes as well as building some doors, snoots, etc. If you pursue this and happen to make a tutorial, I'm sure there is always a need on YouTube for another good tutorial.

Spicy_Chicken wrote: One other important thing I learned, Zoner was my favorite quick editing program for most pics but when shrinking the image it always turned out blurry even if the original was totally in focus but then tried it in PS and the results where way, way better, different compression I guess or?

I'm not familiar with Zoner. However, I would think your best workflow would be to first save your jpeg's as png files. Do your magic of adjustments and cropping, then reduce the size using bicubic, to png, then copy that to jpeg if required. If you are posting to the web, I think it would be better to leave the reduced size in png as the delivery format.

Spicy_Chicken wrote: Any who everything takes time to acquire but for the most part what I set out to do has been accomplished as far a file transfer. one other option for the raw files, wusb (wireless) but unless the object I am shooting is worth more then $100 then jpg is good enough because time has to be seriously considered for profits.

Wireless USB would be the ultimate way to go, but from what I have read, the offerings available have been a dismal failure. On the other hand, I haven't researched them lately.

I like the sample you provided, good job. Apparently you pay attention to detail, a very valuable trait for table top/product photography. Thanks for sharing.
Best Regards......George
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