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question-circle Question Audio going out of sync in Vegas Pro 14

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Audio going out of sync in Vegas Pro 14 was created by Lumibb

Hi! First time video editor here and just hobby-level, really, and I got a copy of Vegas Pro 14. I have two cameras (GoPros) and a Sony recorder for audio. I do the "3 clap" thing and sync my two videos and audio with this clap sequence and everything is fine but several minutes later, I notice that my audio is out of sync with my video. Why does this happen? Do I have to do a "3 clap" procedure every now and again?

I am recording in-cockpit flights so the audio from the GoPros are useless once the engine is running and the Sony records from the aircraft's intercom so I don't know if an in-flight "3 clap" will even be picked up by the GoPros over the engine. My videos are usually over an hour long (no edits).

Any assistance would be great! Thanks!
13 Mar 2019 09:22 #1

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Replied by DoctorZen on topic Audio going out of sync in Vegas Pro 14

Hi Lumibb

If you have synced up the audio from your GoPros to the Sony audio recorder, it should not be drifting out of sync because of Vegas Pro.
I have synced a large amount of Videos from my Sony A7s with Audio from a Zoom H6 recorder and the audio stays in sync, even for very long recordings.

There are a couple of things you need to look at.
1. I recommend you set your Sony audio recorder to record to .wav format and don't use .mp3 - .wav is uncompressed and is the best audio format for syncing with video in Vegas. I've never had problems syncing with .wav audio files.

I did read something a very long time ago, and I remember it mentioned something about Audio Sample Rates. I can't remember the absolute specifics, but it said that some video frame rates and some audio sample rates, don't mix well together and can cause the audio to drift out of sync.

My Zoom H6 recorder is set to record to .wav at 96,000 Hz (sample rate) and a Bit Depth of 24 bits.

I recommend you install a free app called MediaInfo
MediaInfo will give you the ability to inspect the exact properties of your audio files and video files, so that we can find out what your source media is actually being recorded to. After you install MediaInfo, open the program and go to Options/Preferences. Make sure all options (shown below) are selected, then close the program and reboot your computer.

After rebooting you will now see MediaInfo as an menu option, when you right-click any file on your computer.

You can output a Text file and upload it to the forum here and/or copy and paste the test directly into the forum.
In MediaInfo go to File/Export
Select Text tab and Advanced
Click small box with dots at bottom and set output to your computer's Download folder.
Name file and and press OK.
You will find text file in your Downloads folder.

I recommend doing the same process for one of your GoPro videos and also upload text readout to the forum here.

2. In Vegas Pro, you need to make sure your Project Properties are set to match the video properties from your GoPro camera.
If the Frame Rates don't match, this may cause drift.

It would also make sense to have the Audio Properties set to match your Sony audio recorder file properties.

Set Resample Mode = Disable

Set Audio properties to match Sony audio
Most audio recorders will probably output to a sample rate of 48,000 Hz

I have already written a novel, so will wait until you report back before saying anymore.

Remember to turn everything off at least once a week, including your brain, then sit somewhere quiet and just chill out.
Unplugging is the best way to find solutions to your problems.
Peace :)
13 Mar 2019 18:31 #2

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